How to get the look:

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Seeing green. This lush shade evokes a sense of the great outdoors and as such promotes a feeling of rejuvenation and taking a deep breath. By decorating with green, you will create a sense of new beginnings and revitalise your space.

Bring the outside in. By creating a ‘garden’ room indoors with patterns inspired by flowers and foliage, you create your own oasis. Add potted ferns and orchids to enhance the look and feeling of calm.

Have fun. This ‘escapism’ trend is set to be big globally as we crave a respite from the stresses of modern life, so give in to its playfulness and go a little crazy with the accessories. Feather cushions? Yes please. Jungle upholstery? That’s great. Flamingo lampbase, why not?.

Alternative style. Tone the look down with a more subtle approach. Choose a palm wallpaper as the main focus then use plenty of white, bamboo blinds and rattan furniture to give the room a more understated colonial look.