Peachy oranges
Orange is back this summer but in a fruity avatar. Called cantaloupe on the Pantone 2020 colour palette, this melon-y shade is a distant cousin of peach (a leading shade of summers past) and a bonafide trend. Simply scour through Pinterest where the shade repeatedly blossoms on the inspiration boards of design enthusiasts under the monikers blush, coral.

The reason this colour wins the popularity contest is its ability to exude the energy and zest of traditional orange into rooms without its fiery intensity. Fitting into the bracket of earthy pastels, this mellow, milky hue reflects light and brighten spaces making it perfect to paint entire walls without turning them into furnaces. 

Pale greens 


Trend forecasting company WGSN’s pick of the litter is Neo-Mint, an uplifting mint green said to be a product of our times’ defining elements – the futurism of technology and our pre-occupation with protecting nature.

The latest in a string of pale greens to rule the roost (remember sage and greenery?) this cool shade is electric without the garish fluorescence of neon greens associated with science. Which allows it to easily command attention, say in a living room as a statement wall or a plush sofa set. At the same time, it embodies the restorative powers of nature making it a frontrunner for bedrooms that are soothing oases of calm and quiet.