What can you do when you want to give your home a big bright overhaul, but don’t really fancy seeing your bank balance dip to catastrophic levels? You string up fairy lights everywhere, of course! No longer meant for just the Christmas tree, these little lights can elevate any room in your home, and even your outdoor area, in seconds, and for a fraction of the price of other lighting fixtures. They’re flexible, and come in different styles and designs too, so no two areas need look the same. Here are seven ways in which to use them to bring the charm and loveliness to different corners of your home.


1. Pretty up a little ledge or shelf by putting fairy lights in a glass jar – that plain boring shelf will be the sparkling focal point of the room in no time.


2. Create a cosy reading corner by using lights over cushions on a chair or sofa – use a floaty fabric to add to the dreamy vibe! Besides books, also perfect for a cosy Netflix night.


3. Create a cosy kids’ corner for them to read or play by stringing up lights on their tents or secret little forts made of blankets and pillows – perfect for building them a magical well-lit bubble of their own.


4. Spread the cheer while you sip on that cuppa by sprucing up your coffee table with some string lights laid out over a throw and a wooden tray. You’ll be in a good mood before you know it!


5. Drape lights over the headboard of your bed and it’ll almost be like sleeping under the stars - statement lighting in a flash!


6. Add warmth to the greenery by adding string lights to trees and plants, both inside and outside your home

7.Transform an outdoor gazebo or seating area with loads of string lights of different shapes and sizes - great for the ‘gram and guests too!

Important: Please get a qualified electrician to check the lights and the connections. This is particularly important if you are using extension cables and connectors