French national Kaltoum Dumonceau — who’s own contemporary, colourful family villa in Dubai was a contender for InsideOut’s Home of the Year 2018 campaign —  styled a creative living room scene especially for InsideOut showcasing several must-have trends that 2020 is tipped to offer. Her beautiful vignette was presented at Dubai’s inaugural INDEX Home exhibition in the autumn, part of the Middle East Hospitality & Design Week, of which InsideOut was the Official Magazine Partner.

As we head into 2020, Kaltoum explains the concept behind seven of the most inspiring trends she styled, all of which are distinct yet work together, and how to get the look at home.


Mix and match 

Fusion inspiration from Argos Home, while (inset) Kaltoum teamed a Persian rug from Iwan Maktabi with a modern 2XL sofa and lamp from Ebarza, a contemporary armchair from The Line Concept, mid-century-modern sideboard from Home and Soul, plus colonial-style tables from Urban Nest

Retro, antique, vintage or mid-century inspired pieces paired with contemporary ones will break the mold and give so much character to a space. In 2020, mix and match to create unique spaces that tell a story. That’s what I did with a gorgeous vintage Persian carpet from Iwan Maktabi, the superb mid-century-modern shaped sideboard from Home and Soul, and the contemporary armchair with metal legs from The Line Concept. Instead of clashing, the carpet and sideboard mix well with the armchair, demonstrating how you can put together a variety of styles and time periods to create a harmonious space.


Nature inspired

Upgrade your IKEA Billy bookcase with cane doors from Fronteriors, Dh2,100. Inset: Kaltoum used mismatched cane and wood side tables from Urban Nest to create a focal cluster

In 2020, home interior trends will continue towards natural materials like wood but with a big presence of rattan, jute, cane and wicker. These are all elements that we find outdoors and bringing them inside will make your home feel fresh. The three wood and cane coffee tables from Urban Nest added texture and warmth to the space I created.


Peachy keen

Peach and pink pairings from Maisons du Monde: velvet stool, Dh240, cushions, Dh70, pendant light, Dh210, glass vase Dh90. Inset: Pale peach sofa from 2XL and bright cushions from Wear the House

In terms of colours, we’ll see a lot of pink, green, blue and yellow pastels. All shades of pink will be hot in 2020 with the introduction of a more peachy shade that works very well as a neutral colour, as seen in the peach sofa I sourced from 2XL Furniture & Home Decor, which adds a delicate and elegant touch.


Green and pink 

Sedar has teamed a lush moss green with candy-floss pink cushions to great effect. Inset: Cushions from Wear the House combine green and pink for a confident colour pop

Dark green on an accent wall or textiles will also be very on-trend. Green and pink pair well to make a great contrast; I used a deep green paint on the bottom part of the wall which made a strong backdrop for the curved sofa, accessorised with funky green and pink cushions from Wear the House. These beauties immediately add some spice to the room and create a rich look on the sofa.


Plant pops

Highlight your botanical displays with decorative plant pots, such as these from Dh135 from John Lewis. Inset: Kaltoum sourced these plants from Dubai Garden Centre, adding a healthy vibrancy to the space

We will continue to see green botanical elements enliven interior spaces in 2020, with plants having the power to bring the outdoors in and immediately inject a fresh feel to any room. They are known to boost your mood and, as a plant lover, I couldn’t agree more. In this setting, I put a tall fig tree from Dubai Garden Centre in the corner next to the sofa. When you don’t know how to fill an empty corner, adding a plant is always a good idea. The running ivy on the sideboard looks lush and inviting and the little succulents dress the table top.


Handcrafted ceramics

Handmade ceramics from Home and Soul, starting from Dh160, have a rustic edge. Inset: These handcrafted ceramics from East Gallery in pastel tones are pretty accessories while the striking Arabesque artwork is handmade from Racha Elabbas Studio

Ceramics with a handmade edge will be the home accessory of 2020: tableware, vases, planters, statues, wall plates ... you name it! People want to be surrounded with objects that have a soul, and something handmade will always be more special than mass manufactured pieces. Handcrafted ceramics like these pastel jars from East Gallery or the vase from Home and Soul, can be artfully arranged and are easy to incorporate into any interior. They have a slightly “imperfect” finish to them, and that’s what makes them beautiful.


Wallpaper revival 

Make a statement with this stunning hand-painted Amazonia Chinoiserie wallpaper painted on Xuan paper, Dhs505 /per 915cm panel, from de Gournay. Inset: Kaltoum‘s feature wall is painted a striking green from Jotun, and papered with Sanderson’s Wisteria Falls from Style Library

Wallpaper has experienced a comeback these past few years and we’re not getting rid of it in 2020! Nature-inspired prints will be very popular; birds and florals will be big trends. I love this chinoiserie wallpaper from Style Library, which looks so refined and produces an open garden feeling. Try creating a statement wall with a difference: at INDEX Home, I went for a geometrical look, painting the bottom of the walls in a deep green from Jotun and cutting the wallpaper to create two triangles that visually hug the space in a cosy and artistic manner.



Kaltoum, at home in The Meadows, Dubai

Kaltoum Dumonceau is the creative eye behind home décor blog Bayt Kalthoum. A French national with Moroccan heritage, Kaltoum is an interior stylist and rising influencer now based in the UAE, who loves experimenting with vibrant colour and mixing contemporary styles with Arabic art and accessories. 


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