1) Macario sofa set collection

This collection features the Macario sofa with a stainless steel Sorell centre table and matching Sorell end tables. Inspired by classic French furniture, this beautiful set transcends time and trends and superbly combines traditional skills with modern aesthetics, inviting you to sit back and relax in comfort.

2) Alyx sofa set with Harve chair

The gorgeous Alyx sofa in emerald green

Style meets comfort with this stunning collection. The comfy sofa will easily fit into any home aesthetic while allowing you to customise your space around it. To create an elegant sitting area with a cosy feel, add a contrasting cushion and a throw.

3) Chandler chairs and Cynthia dining table set

Elegant Chandler chairs and Cynthia dining table set from 2XL

This is a sleek and elegant choice for a gorgeous dining room. Welcome your friends and family in style with these royal blue armless dining chairs that are comfortable and provides distinct contemporary flair

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