Fabulous faucets

GROHE's contemporary Plus basin and faucet range

A global leader in the manufacture and supply of sanitary ware, German brand GROHE has introduced a new Plus range of contemporary faucets that feature a range of unique designs offering heightened ergonomic comfort and practical functions. As well as a sleek silhouette, the Plus faucets are equipped with technological advances, such as its LED temperature display, an eco-spray function that avoids water wastage, and a flexible swivel spout for optimal water consumption.


Elegant ceramics

Essence is a harmonious sanitary ware collection that creates an elegant bathroom design

Introducing their first ever line of ceramic bathtubs, GROHE’s Essence collection evokes minimalism, style, and simplicity, perfect for urban homes. The design of the new line features gentle organic forms pared back to basics, while incorporating intuitive handling and easy installation.


Smart showers

GROHE'S SmartControl shower system with a chrome finish

For those looking for the ultimate smart shower experience try the chic yet functional SmartControl system designed with concealed and exposed technologies. With a simplified operation, enjoy your perfect shower choosing your preferred spray pattern and water flow. For maximum efficiency and planning flexibility, combine with GROHE’s new Rapido SmartBox, which offers architects, interior designers and installers an infinite number of possible shower solutions within one concealed installation.


Hyper-clean commodes

The Sensia Arena commode offers personalised hygienic comfort

The bathroom brand, which has showrooms throughout the Middle East, is touting the Sensia Arena as a new generation of shower toilet, setting the benchmark for personalised, hygienic comfort in the bathroom. Controlled by an app, you can create personal profiles on any Sensia Arena product around the world! 


High-tech protection

This smart Wireless sensor detects leaks and will notify the homeowner immediately

Smart home automation systems are becoming increasingly popular, and in the near future controlling devices around your home and garden by app or voice command will be the norm. Stay one step ahead with GROHE’s wireless Sense and Sense Guard systems, which protect your house against water leakage and damage and will notify you about any issues, wherever you are, via the company’s Ondus app.

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