Trends are the evolution between what we desire and the influences around us, and colour influences can come from many directions, such as weather and climate, culture and travel, cuisine, nature, political trends, current events, technology and innovation. Ultimately, trend waves are moved and carried by every one of us.

This bold Metamorphic wallpaper design in Amazonite from Anthology, Dh600 per roll, charts the earth’s natural geology

When it comes to colour trends, they’re focused more on tone and intensity rather than the colour itself, as well as the relevancy a colour has to another. Right now, the vibe is inclined towards layering and unexpected combinations that pique our interest or inspire us, and we are moving away from monochrome and diving into nature’s drama.

Tones that are on the radar are those that reflect both the serene side of nature and the drama they can bring to your home.

Natural Drama

Layer Nobilis’ Velours Otello no. 2 fabrics (left chair and curtain), both Dh314 per linear metre, and Velours Cerame (right chair), Dh440 per linear metre, for monochromatic drama

Try teaming bold colours like sapphire with amethyst and jade, which will encourage a confidence in vibrancy, saturation and colour application, as does loading up on same-colour combos, like featuring berry shades that are slightly mismatched, all in one space.

Experiment with layering berry tones with rose pink, reds, and oranges. For example, you could pair fiery colours like Pantone’s colour for 2019, Living Coral, with Hermes orange and rust for a really striking palette. I recently layered a bright apartment with Benjamin Moore paints in their grey-blue Andes Summit, dark teal Hidden Sapphire, and olive-green Oil Cloth. It was a designer collaboration and the client loved the unexpected hues that were inspired by nature and delivered harmony, to his surprise.

If you need a good starting point for planning such combinations, start with a wallpaper or a fabric that blatantly brings them to you, or try a black and white pattern that helps balance them safely. For example, combine a black and white curtain pattern and a black and white rug with rust red, squid ink blue, or a jade wall paint or paper.

Serenity from Nature

The creamy shade of Jotun’s Fenomastic My Home Rich Paint in Reflection, Dh14.36 per litre, is a soothing backdrop. ‘Arte always delivers plenty of texture, in case colour alone just isn’t enough,’ says Toni

Parallel to confident saturated hues, I am also seeing a thirst for clean bright whites, mineral tones and warm, toasty neutrals. If you prefer a subtle start, paint your home in a natural shade of clean white like Benjamin Moore’s White Heron, Dulux’s Vivid White, or a calmer shade like Jotun’s Reflection. A clean slate is often a good starting place and these provide a great base for layering your dream colours.

Create a toasty setting by layering  curtains in Lunaria Noir fabric, Dh647 per linear metre, against the warm tones of Velours Calder wallpaper in Rose Nude, Dh268 per linear metre, from Nobilis

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