The great thing about blush is the soft, warm shades of beige and dusky pinks that create a sense of comfort, offering respite amid the bustle of the digital age.

During a visit to Dubai, UK-based trend forecasters Scarlet Opus highlighted the soft, comforting tones of rose-beige as a palette that will continue to be prevalent in fashion and home interiors. Managing director Victoria Redshaw pointed out that the rising popularity and application of this organic shade is in response to the era of intense content consumption we live in, offering respite and comfort. Furthermore, serene, warm and natural shades can act as a physical, visual manifestation of mindfulness at home, where we need it most. ‘We need to stop, breathe, simplify,’ she says. ‘We will want our homes to be understated and functional yet a joy to be around, to improve our wellbeing and to aid a sense of calm and relaxation.’ Colours that promote mindfulness and this concept that Scarlet Opus calls "clarity" are fleshy nudes, apricot-tinted tan, dusky rose, rose-beige, hemp and pale bronze, mixed with blue-grey tones and desert sage.