Pantone’s annual colour forecast means that this vibrant shade of orange pink (which Pantone has described as an ‘animated, life-affirming shade of orange, with golden undertones’) has officially landed – and is likely here to stay for the duration of 2019.

Each year, armed with a team of experts, the trendsetting brand scours the globe for inspiration, seeking out the latest hot-button hue in the likes of fashion, art, advertising and film. Using these and other cultural movements the coral colour rose triumphant as the shade of choice for 2019 which, Pantone’s vice president Laurie Pressmen has commented, possesses a particular power to ‘nourish and energise’.   

More than this, their press release explains, it represents an unbridled optimism, something that there may be an appetite for in the current landscape, and is linked to the concept of joyful pursuits. It’s unsurprising then that the shade has its roots in both nature – the eponymous vividness of great barrier reefs, the feathers of tropical birds – and technology, where the visual busyness of social media has a taste for feminine shades and playful colour pops. This, Pantone’s experts say, makes the colour a fusion of modern life, blending the natural and manufactured, and means it’s associated with those sources of joy people are turning to to feed the heart and the soul.

With this in mind, feed your own creativity by inviting this cheerful, on-trend colour into your home, all with the help of these bright and beautiful products.