Our homes are filled with special pieces of furniture and unique accessories that have precious memories instilled within them, from sentimental wedding gifts and irreplaceable travel mementoes to cherished antiques passed down through the generations.

Such items become more than just furnishings and fittings, they are part of the family and tell a story that is wholly unique to the people that live with them.

This is the idea set forth by luxury furniture retailer Interiors, celebrating its 50th anniversary with a competition calling for real-life stories that celebrate the legacy of a treasured piece of furniture, with a prize giveaway of Dh50,000 to spend in-store.

For 50 years, Interiors furniture store has helped their customers make a house a home in the UAE, with luxurious furnishings that end up holding an important place in the lives and hearts of their customers.

"Can a piece of furniture become a part of the family? To me, home is all about family, and with some pieces it just wouldn’t be home without them. You know your favourite chair, a rug that you’ve had for years – it sort of creeps up on you. For me, it’s our sofa. When work and school are finished for the day and the curtains are drawn, we just sink into it and nothing else really matters."

Stories such as these tell a personal narrative, yet resonate with everyone.

Perhaps you’re an expat, moving from one country to another, from one home to the next, and there’s been a single, constant source of comfort that’s travelled with you - a vintage chair passed down from your grandparents, a beautiful feathered lamp casting a warm glow wherever you are, or even a much-hugged cushion.

Maybe there’s a piece of artwork hanging in pride of place in the living room, which brings back fond memories of when and where it was bought, transporting you to an exciting trip abroad every time you look at it.

For some, there may be daily traditions deeply rooted in a piece of furniture, like a family gathering around a beautiful dining table every evening for dinner, providing a valuable place to share their day with the people they’re closest to.

Celebrate the furnishings and accessories that have had an impact on your life, and share it with Interiors for a chance to win Dh50,000 to spend at any of their stores across the UAE.

Enter the competition to win Dh50,000 to spend at any Interiors store.

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This article is sponsored in collaboration with Interiors.