Phuket, Thailand

Dh73 million


Currently operated as a stunning resort hotel, this phenomenal design property is for sale as a residential estate. Founded by Mark Weingard, a banker turned philanthropist, Iniala was created from the concept of giving free rein to the imagination, innovation and inspiration of renowned designers. Working with the brief that each room should be ‘out of the ordinary’, 10 world-class designers –including the Campana Brothers of Brazil, A-Cero of Spain, Joseph Walsh of Ireland, Graham Lamb of Britain, Mark Brazier-Jones of New Zealand and Thailand’s Eggarat Wongcharit – were given carte-blanche to create the villas. The result is a fascinating collection of unique design executions. From the Boudoir awash with silks, crystal and metal structures inspired by the tropical sun, to the Collector’s Villa featuring the "Living Room of the Sea" where the walls are encrusted with 3,000 ceramic plates inspired by the ceramic temple at Wat Arun, to the Lotus Flower suite which is adorned with dozens of bronze flowers on the walls and ceiling plus artwork in the bathroom depicting the movement of aquatic life, each villa reflects a distinct concept.

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  • Thailand’s largest island is home to lush rainforests and white sandy beaches, as well as rich cultural heritage, delectable cuisine and stunning world-class spas and resorts that make it a fabulous spot to own property.
  • Beautiful beaches that ring the southern and western coast are the main attraction with popular diving spots home to the most colourful sea life.
  • Wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in the north end of the island offer more opportunities to appreciate the natural environment.
  • Traditional temples represent the country’s spiritual centre and some impressively intricate architecture and design.
  • Regular festivals offer a colourful, cultural injection into everyday life, as well as the night markets and jubilant, world-famous nightlife scene.

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