Ask Yogi Fixes, the building maintenance arm of Yogi Group’s flagship Emirates Contracting Company, if they can fix any maintenance-related issue at your home, villa or commercial space, and the prompt answer you’ll get is "Yes, we can." But then that is no surprise – the parent company has over four decades of experience in the maintenance sector in the UAE.

Atinirmal G Pagarani, managing director of Yogi Group

A leading and trusted facility management company, Yogi Fixes is often the first point of call for services related to any general maintenance including facility management, handyman, electrical, plumbing, painting, renovation and HVAC services, and swimming pool maintenance.
"We’ve worked in villa renovation in the Emaar community, Jumeirah Golf Estates, Springs, Meadows; The Green, Arabian Ranches, & Emirates Hills. We’ve worked in apartments in Al Seef 2 & 3, JLT / Atria Residence, Business Bay, MEP work in Techno Park, DIP…," says Atinirmal G Pagarani, managing director of Yogi Group.
"But what we are perhaps best known for is offering our services for unplanned or emergency maintenance that requires us to fix equipment breakdowns or any other kind of urgent work in homes and villas."
With a well-trained staff that respects time and costs, Yogi Fixes also employs the right technology for the job at hand – something that gives them an unbeatable edge in the market.
Yogi Fixes is best known for helping households with unplanned or emergency maintenance, says Atinirmal G Pagarani
Here it is straight from the experts on how to fix maintenance issues at home – and when you need to call in the experts.

What are the main problems related to a home/apartment that are often overlooked and could end up costing the owner dearly?
There are a handful of basic home maintenance tasks, but the water heater and the AC are two common pieces of equipment people often overlook; they need to be serviced regularly for them to function optimally. Check condensers and drains, and make sure you change the filters regularly. Ideally, you should call in the professionals around four times a year.

A project Yogi Fixes has completed in the UAE

The best way to unclog a kitchen sink?
Unclogging a sink should be done by professionals like Yogi Fixes, as the plumber’s professional tools can clear clogs that may be stuck further down the system. You could use a straightened wire coat hanger, but it could mess up the pipes and end up costing you a lot more.

Quick tip: Avoid clogs in the first place. If you have a kitchen garbage disposal, don’t be lazy – use it!

How do you treat a wooden floor that has developed a scratch?
For medium scratches that show only slight damage, apply a new coat of finish to the area without having to refinish the floor entirely. But make sure the finish matches the original as closely as possible. If the wood was stained but has no finish, you may be able to get similar wood floor scratch repair by re-applying the stain to help hide the scratch.

A project Yogi Fixes completed in the UAE

My living room wall looks a bit ugly because of a few nail holes and blemishes left behind from some wall hangings. How do I fix it?
We aren’t asking you why you are hammering so many nails into the wall. You need to start with a fine grit sandpaper. You’d also need a compound or putty, and paint (you are painting the wall after, aren’t you?). Sandpaper the edges, then put a little spackling on the knife and apply it to the hole. You might have to do it a few times to get it right. Use the straight edge to scrape away any excess from the wall. You might have to sandpaper again when the putty dries. Then comes the paint job.
Or save yourself the hassle and call 800YOGI (9644).

How do you fix a carpet that is running/developed a wrinkle?
When it comes to wall-to-wall carpet installation, spending some money and calling a professional like Yogi Fixes can help – your, the lifespan of the carpet and prevent repeat calls to fix the carpet. A carpet stretcher can be used to fix the issue. It is a piece of equipment professionals use which, ahem, does resemble a torture device. Don’t have it? Well, didn’t we suggest calling in the profs.

Tell me some easy ways of hanging a picture/artwork?
The weight of the picture matters a lot when hanging it to anything. For a picture between 5 and 20 pounds, a good option is plastic drywall anchors; for pictures between 20 and 50 pounds, you can use a metal wall anchor or a wall stud. For anything heavier like a humanoid statue that you are convinced is a wall piece, get a table. But seriously, a good all-around solution for hanging multiple pictures it to use a rail cable hanging kit. Or, better, call Yogi Fixes to do it for you.

The walls in some areas have developed cracks. What could be the reason? And how do I fix it?
When it comes to walls, contraction and expansion can lead to cracks developing. The materials (paint, plaster) can contract and expand due to changing humidity levels and temperatures. In addition, using different paints for each paint coat, like you are in some simulation without any consequences, can also cause cracks on the wall, So don’t play simulation with real life. This one definitely requires the services of you know who.

I am annoyed that the water pressure in the shower is very low. What can I do?
The low water pressure in the shower can be caused by many things from blocked shower heads or accidentally turned off valves to the more serious causes like blocked pipes or a leak somewhere in the line. So don’t try to be Aqua Man. Call Yogi Fixes. We can help you.

But if you believe you are one of those DIY people, try cleaning the shower head properly. If it doesn’t work, you might need to replace the shower head. Installing a shower pump should also sort out the issue if the problem was in the shower head or shower pump – and that is something a professional could sort out easily.

A project Yogi Fixes completed in the UAE

How do I get rid of stubborn oil/grime stains on kitchen tiles?
Kitchen is where you’ll find the most amount of grease. So ideally you should be regularly wiping over tiles with a disinfectant. Use a piece of clean cloth to avoid build-up of grease and germs. For particularly tough stains on ceramic and porcelain tiles, bleach and some oxidants can be used. But before you lose your mind and start filming your satisfying YouTube stain-removing video, always test the solution on a small section of your ceramic tile. You don’t want to create a bigger mess than you already have, do you?