Luxurious velvet Floransa Beige

Luxurious velvet
Velvet adds an air of elegance and warmth to a room with its tactile qualities and luxurious good looks. And its tactile texture not only enhances the look of the room, but is also a pleasure to the senses.

Canopy beds
The canopy bed creates a visual statement like no other in your bedroom. It’s use dating back to the Medieval period when it helped add warmth and privacy to one’s private quarters, canopy beds are just equally popular now for creating a relaxing, dreamy, romantic space to rest after a long day.

Navy blue – colour of the year
Timeless and regal, navy blue is Sherwin-Williams’ colour of the year for 2020. It’s perfect for those looking to give their home a cosy and welcoming feel. Great for your living room, navy blue is considered one of the most relaxing colours you can choose.


Honest comforts
Every home needs space where you can just retreat, even for a few minutes, from your busy work-from-home schedule. All you need is a comfortable chair or a small sofa, good lighting, some soft throw with pillows, a small table and some wall decorations or shelves. And don’t forget your favourite books.

Go green
Green is a favourite choice in interior design. A colour associated with nature and the outdoors, green represents growth, harmony, freshness and energy. It’s the colour most people feel very comfortable to have around, so you can see it in spaces that aim to create a restorative and soothing atmosphere.