Simply Swedish

A built-in desk with no legs maximises space, tub-like drawers attached to the underside of the desk provide lots of easily accessible storage for stashing papers, while a stool seat tucks underneath for a streamlined look.


Well used furniture pieces give it that inviting, warm feel

Cosy yet quirky

If the work-life balance has gone disarray for you, then turn your workspace comfy by adding well used furniture pieces to give it that inviting, warm feel. A chair that doesn’t fit in turns drab into dramatic.

Walls in a neutral colour add allure to the area

Antique is the answer

Creating an office within your home does not mean you need new, modern furniture — a much-loved heirloom piece of furniture can be the focus. Start with an antique timber desk with lots of drawers for storage, for example, and design the space around that. Paint the walls in a neutral colour, add a chair from the same period and an antique-style lamp to make your office somewhere you’ll enjoy being.


Use your counter space in the open kitchen as your workspace

Double duty

If space is at a premium in your small house, then here’s an idea that you probably had not thought of. Using your counter space in the open kitchen as your workspace. Sceptical? Tucked in an alcove opposite the dining table, the position of the built-in desk allows the owners to attend to some paperwork while cooking dinner. The small wall lights mean there is no need for a lamp, saving valuable desk space, while built-in shelves aren’t cluttered and photographs add a personal touch.

Text and photos: Camerapress