It’s uncommon for a home to be designed according to the different hours or moods of the day, but for Andrea Bowman this consideration became apparent as the renovation of her Cape Town apartment got underway. Through collaboration with interior designers Bruce Fyfe and Kelsey Boyce of Fyfe Boyce, the four-bedroom abode on Sea Point’s vibrant coastal strip was reconfigured into a spacious three-bedroom residence that caters for every hour of the day – from cosy coffee mornings to meditative sunsets.
‘It was like a rabbit warren before,’ Andrea says of the need to renovate and add light to the space. ‘Now it’s a real glam pad,’ designer Kelsey adds, describing the transformation from a cramped environment with a narrow passageway and tiny, cordoned-off rooms to the bright, stylish apartment it is now. 

The bar-cum-dining area and lounge is predominantly white, with touches of pink and pale blue accentuated by the natural light and sunset. A mixed-medium artwork by Andrea presides here, glimmering at night.

‘We tried to create more interest from a depth perspective,’ Bruce explains, referring to opening up the living areas so that they flow generously from one space to another. 
‘There are different angles at play and not just a chunk of left and right,’ he says, referring to their resistance of the formal placement of rooms. This resulted in a seamless fluidity from the front sea-facing balcony, living area and master bedroom to the back kitchen, via a much wider passageway that is now a room in its own right. ‘It’s like a pyjama lounge,’ Kelsey says of this transitionary thoroughfare where a teal-coloured velvet sofa curls around a curvaceous, textured wall.  

The wide corridor between the living area and kitchen doubles up as a luxe lounge with its teal velvet sofa, while a textured Elitis wallpaper adds to the touches of gold across the décor.  In the entrance hall, the dark wood floors offer a warm welcome and beautifully highlight the textural gold-leaf painting by the homeowner.

It’s on this sofa that the days begin, where this plush seating doubles as a banquette for the breakfast nook. Later, when the sun is overhead, the lounge calls for attention, gleaming in its calming whiteness. The nearby palm trees and sounds of the ocean complement the interior style that Andrea describes as part Parisian, part Malibu Beach. ‘It’s warm, mature and sophisticated,’ she says, referring to the apartment set within an historic Cape Town block, ‘but at the same time it’s got this very cool vibe.’ 
The cool factor is apparent upon entering, where a tall up-lit drinks-and-dining counter is the statement-maker. This is a preferred early evening spot, the pink lampshades welcoming in the changing colours of sunset and the pale-blue high-backed stools capturing the glow of the waves crashing outside.
‘Andrea didn’t want traditional living and dining areas,’ says Kelsey. ‘So we turned it into more of an entertainment space,’ Bruce explains, ‘fashioned with a hotel lobby feel.’  
The aesthetic of a chic hotel-style apartment continues in the master bedroom, an end-of-day sanctuary. With doors that open up fully to the entertainment zone, it becomes one free-flowing environment – almost like a loft apartment – or can be closed off and separated, cocooning Andrea behind mirrored folding doors when she requires more privacy. 
This bedroom was almost turned into the kitchen during the renovation, to maximise the room’s sea views. ‘I’m so glad we left the kitchen at the back,’ she says, pointing to how it suits the darker, moodier side of the home. ‘I knew from the get go that I wanted it to be black,’ she smiles about the choice of ultra-dark cabinetry. ‘I love the intensity and that it doesn’t scream “kitchen”.’ 

The dramatic black and gold coffee-and-drinks station forms part of the entrance lounge, welcoming cosy sofa sessions near the kitchen. The kitchen at the back of the home presents itself as an elegant statement area in black, complete with black taps.

‘The black kitchen takes the glamour from the front entrance of the home through to the back, while creating more of a homely environment for that area,’ says Bruce. It also becomes a space of escape when the sun’s reflections at the front of the home become too bright. 
The transition from the extremes of the darker back area to the all-white living space is guided by a dark timber-clad wall that acts as a central spine to the home, and by the dark wooden flooring that runs from it to the front door. The immediate linear break into paler oak demarcates the light-filled entertainment space and the view of the sea. 
‘We’re big fans of working with the dark,’ says Kelsey, pointing to the back area that receives less sunshine. ‘If an area is dark, we don’t fight it by trying to make it light.’ The entrance’s wooden flooring holds another purpose in that it defines the foyer of the open-plan apartment. ‘It’s got a bit of a fashion-runway element to it,’ Bruce says, referencing the 2.5-metre width that divides the home.  
Equally defining are the artworks hanging on the walls. As art is her hobby, Andrea produced them all herself, addressing the light and dark aspects of the environment while accenting areas with complementary shades or bold metallic shimmers. To add to the one-of-a-kind design, every piece of furniture in the home was custom designed by Fyfe Boyce, while objets, such as the sculpture on the entrance console table, were curated as one-off pieces, ensuring a unique aesthetic for the home.

Tiles and cabinetry details in the en-suite bathroom add an Art Deco element to the space. A guest bedroom features an unconventional four-poster bed designed by Fyfe Boyce and made of iroko. The mixed-medium artwork by Andrea is a photograph of palm trees that she painted to match the palette of the scatter cushions.

Be it through select colours, unique furnishings, personal art or structural flow, each aspect of Andrea’s home portrays a purpose, granting every hour its moment and welcoming a lifestyle suited to every mood.


Homeowner and artist Andrea Bowman

The Owner South African artist Andrea Bowman collaborated with interior designers Bruce Fyfe and Kelsey Boyce of Fyfe Boyce to create a dramatic décor that showcases her art pieces and celebrates the stunning seaside location. 

The Home The four-bedroom abode on Sea Point’s vibrant coastal strip was reconfigured into a spacious three-bedroom residence.


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