‘I would describe my style as classically elegant,’ says Swedish mum-of-three Frida, who is passionate about interior design and oversaw the redecoration of her family’s home in Uppsala after they bought it eight years ago. ‘I like décor that feels a little bit luxurious but at the same time it’s practical, so everyone – including the children – can use it and feel comfortable.’

Nestled among lovely greenery and blousy pink blooms Frida and Niklas’ home makes an idyllic first impression, complete with shuttered windows and a white picket fence.

The couple’s three children, Ester, Ellen and Oskar, love the house with its spacious rooms and large garden with many areas to play in. However, their parents admit that it took quite a bit of work to get the house to its current state. When Frida and Niklas bought the house, which was built in 1967, a lot of renovation work was required to create the bright and airy feel they were looking for.

A statement chandelier in the living room adds the sense of luxury that Frida endeavours to inject into the home.

Today, the interior feels soft and fresh without being overly feminine. Antique furniture and lamps are blended with modern elements and the rooms are held together with pink, blue and brass details. Throughout the house, the white walls and white painted carpentry provides a quiet background accented with pastel colours and a faint clash of traditional and contemporary styles.

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A stripped-back dining space creates a touch of rustic farmhouse chic.

‘I wanted our home to feel welcoming and cosy with inviting spaces for gatherings with friends and family, as I love to organise big parties and dinners,’ explains Frida. ‘It’s not always sensible to buy expensive interior pieces when you have toddlers, so I focus investments on things that are not too exposed, such as lamps, paintings and vases. We have tried to create a timeless feeling that will last forever.’

The children’s room is the perfect space for all kinds of play.

In the playroom stacked boxes and baskets make for attractive ways to store toys, while the desk accesssories continue the motif of brass accents from the rest of the house.

The large entrance hall evokes contemporary elegance by juxtaposing a blonde wood floor and painted white boards on the wall with an inherited gilded antique mirror that sits atop a matching marble and gold Rococo table. Ornamental brass insects are a quirky accessory on the table.

It’s evident that a lot of thought was put into making the house suitable for every member of the family and the children were certainly considered during the design process. Downstairs, the kitchen/dining room has a view of the play room across the entrance hall, where the children have their own sitting area and space for toys. There’s a pretend kitchen, a cosy sofa for reading, a desk by the window for homework, a mirror for dressing up, and discreet storage for their games. 

An antique mirror and matching console table make for a dramatic entrance in the hallway.

The kitchen includes a family dining area where they enjoy meals and time together when the parents are cooking. While the room continues the white base of the playroom and hallway, the black dining table and chairs stand out to create a distinct dining space.

The downstairs living room has notes of pink and blue, with a beautiful vintage-looking rug and mismatched sofa cushions, while a gold chandelier is an elegant touch set against the rural charm of this room.

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An eclectic approach is taken in the family room upstairs where different colours, materials and styles mingle together in the soft furnishings, all balanced by a simple white background.

Upstairs, a second family room has a similar colour palette with a few darker pieces of furniture, creating a comfortable  lounge space. The master bedroom has a feminine scheme of mushroom, grey and white, with rustic French country-chic bedside tables and white drawers. A high-back tufted linen love seat against a wall of black and white photographs of the children creates a feature point and lifts the room. Their daughters Ellen and Ester each have their own bedrooms in pretty pink and floral palettes, with a few touches of blue and green coming through in the wallpaper, rugs and cushions. Their youngest, Oskar, sleeps in his mum and dad’s bedroom.

Shades of dusty blue and mushroom envelop the master bedroom where a curated collection of black and white family photographs decorates one wall.

Both the kitchen and the living room open onto the lush garden, with apple trees dotted around giving off a sweet scent when they’re in fruit. The garden is a highlight of the property, where the family loves to host summer parties and play with the children, and was certainly a deciding factor when the couple bought the property. Under the pergola, the al fresco dining table is their favourite spot for breakfast and tea, with an abundance of potted plants and sheer curtains gently swaying in the breeze, creating a romantic scene. 

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In each of the girls’ rooms an English-garden-style floral wallpaper brightens the rooms and maintains the classic pink colour scheme.

A custom-made Wendy house complete with a small fenced veranda is a dream play area for the children, mimicking an authentic mini version of their white house to play home in. They also have hours of fun outside in their tiki tent, which they take inside to play in during the winter. In fact, the family love the winter months just as much as summer, and on cold days they make the interiors as cosy as possible.

In paying close attention to all the details, Frida and Niklas have created a natural and authentic dream home for the whole family to enjoy.


The owner Frida and Niklas have lived in Uppsala, a city 70 kilometres from Stockholm, since 2010 with their three young children, Ester, Ellen and Oskar.

The home The property, which dates from 1967, has been renovated into a picture-postcard, picket-fenced house with lush gardens, three bedrooms, two living rooms (one upstairs and one downstairs), a kitchen/dining room and a kids play room.

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