If there’s one place that should be the centre of your happiness, it’s your outdoor living space. As Anton Chekhov once said, “People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy.” And it’s true. Few things are better than endless days of relaxation (in its many forms) in your own private paradise.

The overwhelming need to entertain and relax in the comfort of your own outdoor space planted the seed for a tailor-made outdoor living concept for a property in The Villa Community, Dubai.

The expert combination of palm trees and carefully selected tropical shrubs embrace the area to create a modern-day oasis in a desert environment.


What was once an undeveloped and exposed area next to the pool is now a fully functional extension of the indoors to the outdoors.


Working with clients who were motivated by the idea of a suitable area at home that would reduce the need to go somewhere else to have fun, Dubai-based Cape Reed International – specialists in creating eco-friendly customised outdoor living spaces – was contracted to bring this idea to life.

Faced with the challenging project, the team put their passion and years of international experience to the test and closely liaised with the client to create the ultimate entertaining area. Right from the start Cape Reed was actively involved in the entire process – from the conceptual and design phases right up to the final construction, landscaping and interior decorating. 

Natural materials and textures seamlessly blend the indoor and outdoor space.


A contemporary bar area was created to overlook the swimming pool and was designed with the primary aim of creating a fun space. It is now the uncontested favourite spot to watch televised sports and entertain friends and family. The fully equipped bar and seating area is finished off with a built-in BBQ and fireplace, ideal for preparing al fresco dinners or setting just the right ambience by simply lighting a fire.

To the side of the structure a lounge was incorporated to create a soft seating area where one can relax in a covered space that creates an easy flow from the indoors to the outdoors The view of the garden is masterfully paired with the timber and thatch surroundings so that nature resonates in every corner of the structure, creating a sense of calm and serenity.

The vaulted ceiling expands the perspective, while the warm, inviting lighting and overhead fans ensure a comfortable garden retreat.


The ‘before and after’ photos tell the story of the radical metamorphosis that took place to transform this customised living area from drab to fab.


All of the natural materials (timber and thatch) used for this project came from sustainable resources imported directly from South Africa. Cape Reed places huge emphasis on the quality of its materials and practises strict quality control. All structural timber is pressure-treated and the thatch is protected by special fire-retarding methods, ensuring a final product that not only meets the highest quality standards, but one that is also extremely durable.

The end result? An extremely satisfied customer with a beautiful, versatile space in which the family can spend quality time together, relax or entertain guests in a stylish yet casual manner, enabling them to bring entertainment home instead of having to go out to get it.


Photography by Matt Terrey Photography