Garden décor and furnishings are subject to fashion whimsy as much as home interiors. Bold retro prints on sun loungers are replaced the next year by feminine pastels; Asian-inspired zen gardens are totally de rigeur, the next, vibrant perennials are more on trend, and so the cycle continues. However, if you’re after a look that will never be classified as a passing fancy, opt for white – it is calming, peaceful and reassuringly timeless.   



White is also the perfect partner for green, allowing the natural beauty of shiny leaves and verdant bushes to take centre stage. Combine white furniture and accessories with painted ceramic pots, metallic or wooden furniture and fabric upholstery on loungers and seat cushions, and when it comes to landscaping materials, keep everything from stone edgings to walkways pale. Finally, opt for delicate white flowering shrubs to complete the look.


Water features add sound, texture and movement to your garden and feng shui suggests they also produce good chi, so this simple stone structure and white pebbles is an easy, effective way to introduce positive energy to your outdoor space. Mix and match textures and shapes to add depth to the overall look, including frosted glass for these white candles to create a sophisticated, natural feel.



For plants and flowers that complement the outdoor furniture, choose one of these white flowering shrubs to add grace and cohesion to your garden...

Frangipani This white and yellow perennial loves sunlight and has a distinctive exotic scent and silky smooth texture.

White hibiscus Renowned for its bell-shaped flowers, red is the more common variety, but white hibiscus is a great choice for the UAE’s hot climate.
Nerium oleander With either pink or white flowers, this shrub thrives in the sun and has a strong fragrance all through summer.

Gardenia An evergreen potted plant with glossy dark leaves and beautifully scented white flowers that needs well-drained soil and daily watering.
Orange Jasmine Filling the air with the sweet smell of orange blossoms, orange jasmine is a welcome addition to any tropical garden.


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