Hanging a wreath on your front door is a wonderful way to greet guests to your home. If you use the most traditional materials such as pine and cedar bows, the scents of the season are also very welcoming. While the practice of making wreaths using leaves, twigs, fruits and flowers to hang on the door dates back to ancient Greco-Roman society, the significance of the wreath, especially made with evergreen foliage, as a symbol of eternity - for it has no beginning or end - has stood the test of time and appeals across cultures. But you don’t have to limit yourself to this classic take, or indeed to only one wreath. There are plenty of creative ways to work them into your holiday décor and endless ideas for materials to use in creating them.

Here are a few concepts for getting your garland on.

Why not try different materials to make a wreath,  introducing new colours or textures to your holiday décor. Maybe something signature to your home or culture such as chili peppers, cork, bamboo shoots or red berry plant as seen here.

Wreath with a purpose

Apart from a welcoming decorative accent on your front door, there are many other ways to incorporate wreaths into your holiday décor. On the table, try using mini wreaths as napkin rings, a larger wreath as a charger for your place settings or even a centrepiece for a special dish - main course or dessert.  More decorative options include hanging a wreath on chairs around your holiday table and using a wreath as a plant stand, hanging mobile, or placing it around candle displays and tablescapes.

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