From spacious gardens to high-rise balconies and empty rooftops, these spaces can be landscaped with a relaxing swimming pool designed to add value and curb appeal…

Soft trickling

Accentuate the lovely relaxing sounds of trickling water with an overflow that creates an ambient waterfall feature down the side of the pool and cascades into a scenic water garden. 

Float away

Surround yourself with waterfront views - quite literally - with a pool house or cabana designed at the edge of a panoramic infinity pool. This design is a modern statement of luxury living. 

A bridge apart

This cabana-style island creates a tropical holiday vista while the wooden bridge adds to the sense of escape. Furnish the island structure with sunken seating for a secluded reading spot.  

Cabana cool

Make a straightforward rectangular pool more interesting with floating cabanas and sunken seating. Be inspired by the simple yet strong lines of this integrated design in Thailand.

Rooftop laps

If you have a flat roof, take advantage of the empty space with a rooftop pool. This white-brick wall adds safety and privacy while the windows maintain the sweeping views.

Under cover

Complement your pool with shaded structures and social spaces insulated against the heat, like this hotel-at-home thatched swim-up bar in Arabian Ranches, Dubai, designed by Cape Reed.


Expert tips:

Andre Van Heerden, CEO of Cape Reed, discusses the options available for poolside structures...

What kinds of poolside structures are suitable for UAE gardens?
In the UAE, shade is probably the biggest element to factor in when considering poolside structures. Thatched and timber structures can be fully shaded or semi-shaded, making them hugely popular at residential and commercial pools all over the world. The superb insulation properties of thatch-roofed gazebos are second-to-none, resulting in a significant drop in temperature under this specialised shade. Structures such as pool houses, gazebos, pergolas and even daybeds can be tailor-made to your exact requirements and needs.

What type of poolside structure is most sought-after in the region?
Our thatched structures are by far the most popular option in the UAE and across Europe. These customised outdoor living areas are not only stylish but also sustainable and can serve as an outdoor extension of your indoor areas. From al fresco kitchens to full-on entertainment areas, they allow you to enjoy the comfort of the indoors in an outside setting, while at the same time utilising your property to its maximum capacity.

What decorative features can be added to such structures?
We often install timber decking alongside our poolside structures, plus timber bridges, walkways, screens and balustrades, which serve not only practical purposes but also aesthetic ones.

What factors should homeowners be aware of when considering an outdoor structure?
It's important to keep in mind that most residential areas require special permission from the developer to install any such outdoor structure. Depending on the community in question, there could be restrictions with regards to its height, size and where it's positioned in the garden. 

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