Bioethanol fireplaces

For those looking for eco-friendly heat emissions, opt for a fireplace or fire pit that's powered by bioethanol, produced largely from the sugar fermentation process. The fuel is clean with no smoky fumes yet throws off the same heat as a traditional fire and has a captivating glow. Designs vary and are often decorative.

Artificial fuel chips or stones come in a variety of colours, from authentic charcoal black to swimming pool blue, giving fire bowls a decorative touch.

Outdoor fireplaces

Going for double, this family home has a fireplace incorporated into a raised decking area to warm dinner guests, while the stone fire pit by the lakeside is perfect for toasting s’mores.

Imitating a cosy fire-lit living room, an outdoor fireplace creates an inviting wintertime focal point to gather round with family and friends. It throws off more heat than a fire pit while being compact and safe like a chiminea. Being a permanent fixture, it needs to be built-in to your garden or poolside patio for a sleek look and can be designed in a variety of styles; just bear in mind that it needs to be unobtrusive in hotter months to avoid looking out of place.

A coal-fuelled fire pit like this can be built in to your landscape design discreetly.

Oversized candles

B&B Italia’s Overscale Flame is a sculptural oil-burning outdoor candle.

These are a good option if you're looking for something that's decorative rather than functional, as the flame from an oil-burning candle won't have a huge impact on your warmth outside. We love B&B Italia's Overscale Flame (designed by Jean-Marie Massaud and celebrating its tenth anniversary), which looks more like a large vase or stone, depending on its orientation.


Traditional clay chimineas have a rustic look.

A great option if you like a more rustic look. Originating in Mexico where the temperature doesn't drop too low, chimineas are efficient for cool winter nights in the UAE. With an enclosed stove, they are safe and draw the smoke upwards away from people; they also use minimal wood for fuel so they're cost-efficient too.

Wood fire pits

Try this sociable five-piece Casablanca garden set from Al-Futtaim ACE, featuring a table with a built-in fire pit.

These are perfect for those seeking a portable heating solution and come in a range of sizes, styles and applications. Typically set into a metal base, you can find fire pits that are standalone and can be moved easily, or fire pits that are built-in to garden tables. These provide a cosy atmosphere and equal heat distribution for those sat around, however, be aware that windy conditions will throw the smoke around and could irritate guests.

Gas fire bowls

A mesh patio heater with an enclosed gas flame is safe and effective.

These are a contemporary take on the classic wood-fuelled version with various decorative elements, such as lava rock or ceramic logs, set in the centre for an authentic ambience. They're more convenient and safer, as the flames can be controlled and the gas doesn't throw off a harsh smoky smell.

“Gas-fuelled fire bowls are recommended as a safe, controllable and effective outdoor heating solution”

Fire and water

Gulf Leisure mixes fire and water to create a dynamic swimming pool centrepiece.

You may think that these two elements are an unlikely pairing, yet when they're combined in a sculptural display they make a beautiful decorative addition to your swimming pool, lawn or patio. With water cascading gracefully around a central flame, the effect exudes both warmth and elegance.