The Venue Launched over the summer, Mr Miyagi’s is a new Asian restaurant paired with the Cobra Kai bar on the ninth floor of Media One Hotel, promising customers ‘authentic Asian street food, an extensive drinks menu and an interior that’s an Instagrammer’s dream’.

The Design Simulating the experience of stepping into a market in Thailand or Vietnam, where the stalls of goods grab your attention at all levels of sight, the design creates a frenetic buzz. The ceiling is festooned with Chinese paper lanterns, beautifully hand-painted paper parasols, bamboo ladders and multi-coloured birdcages. Areas of the restaurant are divided by crates of glass pop bottles, or a wall of heavy, uneven pieces of reclaimed wood serving as precarious shelving for a random selection of books. Bamboo walls are covered with Asian movie posters and a plethora of pun-tastic neon signs - ‘You’re my soy mate’, ‘I ate that and dim sum’, and ‘Let’s take a wok to my place’.

The Cobra Kai bar features a floor-to-ceiling faux cherry blossom tree as the centrepiece of the dancefloor in front of the DJ decks and bright booth seating to savour the creative beverages that are served in fresh coconuts, plastic bags and full moon buckets.

The Experience Stepping out of the elevator into the colourful chaos of the interiors is just the beginning of the full effect on your senses. The menu offers a broader scope of Asian influences – Vietnamese pho, Chinese peking duck, Singaporean noodles and Thai green curry to name a few. All tasty and playful.