Fairmont Fujairah

An impressive, new Fairmont property has emerged in the northern emirate. While Fujairah is known for its cooler temperatures and azure waters, excellent for fishing, diving and snorkelling, this hotel may inspire you to stay indoors and enjoy its distinct design and Arabic bohemian art vibe.

Front desk with a wall of Moroccan lanterns

Although the exterior of the property is uninspiring with its high-rise, salmon pink-painted stone wall entrance, once you step in to the lobby the unique feel of this art-inspired property takes hold. With subtle references to local architecture including Arabesque arches, stacked rugs lining the front desk and a wall of Moroccan lanterns, the creative arrival space sets the tone for a unique design experience.

CANVAS Pop of colour with yellow furniture and detailing

With its simple monochrome design and statement art pieces, both in the furnishings and fixtures, as well as sculptures and hanging artwork, the 180-room beach resort is designed as a gallery space, presenting art with interesting cultural references. One example of this is a sculpture of a split egg in the lobby, which represents an ostrich egg that was found in Fujairah dating back to 2500BC, currently displayed at the Fujairah Museum. Charged with the design of the hotel, Stickman Tribe founder and project director Marcos Cain describes the inspired piece as symbolically giving birth to a new beginning while also celebrating the past. Another dynamic design element is the feature staircase, which is embellished by framed vintage jewellery and Berber rugs that run along the ceiling and wall. 

ARTEASAN with welcoming tea lounge set amid white latticed, mashrabiya-style screens

The monochromatic theme of the expansive public area, using white Statuario and black Marquina marble as the base palette, extends to Arteasan, a welcoming tea lounge set amid white latticed, mashrabiya-style screens. Black and white Berber patterned rugs dress the floors, while a cluster of inviting, high-backed, peacock chairs made of steam curled wood add another layer of interest.

IAMMAI pool lounge at Fairmont Fujairah Beach Resort

While Café Pronto offers Parisian detailing such as classical lacquered moldings and coffered honeycomb ceilings, and Canvas introduces a playful pop of colour with yellow furniture and detailing, the Copper Lobster is the real catch of the day. Pun intended. Inspired by the local pearl diving and fishing trade, the design features more natural materials such as stained oak panelling, jute rope and fish net lighting elements to add rustic warmth and a relaxed feel.

Sculpture of a split egg in the lobby

Finally, the design focus is carried out to the pool, where Stickman worked with a local supplier to create bespoke mosaic pool flooring inspired by a Persian rug. The overall pattern is best seen from the surrounding elevated platforms of the pool bar, including a cantilevered deck with majlis-style seating. Pops of yellow and patterned black and white textiles create a fun and casual atmosphere at this shisha lounge with uninterrupted views of the sea.