The region’s largest creative festival will take place between the 11th and 16th November around the city with Dubai Design District (d3) as its hub. As a meeting point for the global and regional design community, the festival consists of design-related events, exhibitions, installations and experiences across a range of design disciplines.

Exhibitions  will appear around the Design Week’s hub in Dubai Design District, pictured

Key events include:

Downtown Design, the region’s leading design fair with 180 international and regional brands participating under one roof.


Downtown Editions, a limited-edition design showcase with participants including Emirati Aljood Lootah, NYC-based designer Fernando Mastrengelo, Kuwait design studio Meshari Al Nassar, and guest curator Ghassan Salameh curating a spotlight on regional designers titled “Full Circle”.


Global Grad Show, a programme for graduates working on social impact innovation projects in the fields of design, science, technology and engineering that brings together over 150 works from universities across the world.

Last year’s Global Grad Show was a hive of innovation

Among the many exciting installations and exhibitions planned, check out: 


Turquoise Mountain will present a pop-up exhibition titled “Kabul Old City – A Visual Journey”, a multi-media experience of Murad Khani, the heart of the Old City of Kabul. 


MAS architects, based in Turkey, will be reinterpreting the traditional wind towers of Dubai by bringing a six-metre tall structure to the North Terrace called “Barjeel”.         

Creative installations, like this attractive shade structure from 2018, will pop up all over Dubai


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Sharjah Architecture Triennial

Another must-visit event for your design calendar is the Sharjah Architecture Triennial, which runs from November 9 to February 8. This is the first major platform for architecture and urbanism in the MENA, East Africa and Asia regions, and the inaugural three-month edition will present innovative and though-provoking multi-disciplinary exhibitions, talks, workshops and events that focus on the theme “Rights of the Future Generations”. 

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