You can amaze guests right from the door with the right pieces to decorate your home’s entryway. An entrance is an immediate introduction to your home’s personality, so this first impression matters, whether you are welcoming visitors into a bright villa or a cosy apartment. Here are a few ideas to ensure you don’t fall flat in an attempt to sweep guests off their feet:

1. Mirror, mirror…: If the first thing they set eyes on is sparkle and shine, it can only get better from there. A large mirror by the entrance door can not only bring a vibe of luxury, but it also helps make space seem brighter and larger.


2. Luscious lighting: You can immediately elevate the look of this prominent space with the help of quirky lighting fixtures. These modern pendant lights with vintage light bulbs can help you make a bold statement right from the offset, along with bringing in oodles of warmth to your foyer


3. A simple wooden bench: seating at the entrance is always a great welcome addition for guests, but add a rustic wooden bench to the mix and you’ve got yourself a winner. Plus it can also hold your keys and sunglasses for those times you’re rushing out the door. This is a great style statement for your home, with minimal spending.


4. A dramatic cabinet/chest: Set the tone for the rest of your home with this elegant detail, a standout cabinet right at the entrance in a popping colour. Not only does this gorgeous green chest of drawers brings a touch of opulence and anchors the space, it’s also a great storage space so your all-important space is clutter-free


5. A sensational rug: Give guests an idea of how stunning all the other rooms in your home is with a magnificent rug that’s just the perfect bridge between the great outdoors and the even-greater indoors.