While the expression ‘to have a sunny disposition’ is derived from the Earth's brightest source of energy, the colour of the sun also generates an energy that evokes creativity and inspires joy. Generally regarded as the happy colour, yellow adds positivity to a space. Whether subtle accents and accessories or bolder statement walls and focal point furnishings, yellow can add both sophistication and fun to enrich and elevate your interior.

Versatile style As yellow shades really ‘pop’ in a neutral scheme you can use them in many different ways to energise a space. Get inspired by a few different ideas to inject yellow into your decor - from smaller accent pieces and accessories to larger soft furnishings options to a full feature wallpaper with several colours and patterns to pick up to complement the interior.

Bright additions to your interiors clockwise from left: Seoni yellow wallpaper from John Lewis, Dh175; velvet storage bin from Crate & Barrel, Dh209; Vintage armchair from Maisons Du Monde, Dh559; glass vase from Audenza, Dh444; Hello coat rack from Block Design, Dh130; Anne Jacobs gingko sunshine lampshade, Dh559

Spatial effect Yellow is cheerful and makes a space look bright and welcoming. That’s why yellow is a great colour for entryways and living rooms where you welcome and entertain people.

The brightness factor also applies to hallways or spaces with few windows or insufficient light - natural or artificial options, such as a walk-in closet, pantry or small bathroom. Keeping in mind brighter colours always make a room look bigger than it is, yellow is effective in opening up a space too.

Add some sunshine to the bedroom with this Wild Geo duvet cover in ochre from DKNY, Dh559; Benjamin Moore yellow walls brighten this entranceway and contrast well with the handy Ben chalkboard paint door.

Make it stand out Yellow works well with both dark and lighter colours. Its underlying warmth, pairs well with cooler greys, taupe, clay tones and crisp white, so one of these as a strong backdrop acts as a contrast. A good range of tones from charcoal through to white will ensure the lemon to golden hue really stands out.

This buttery Lilac wallpaper from Cole & Son's Botanical Botanica collection is a soft but intense print that uplifts any setting.

Sunny spectrum While zesty lemon yellow has a bright, summer feel, there are so many lighter and deeper shades that may be softer on the eye, yet just as potent in terms of sophisticated style options. From banana, canary and buttery pastel hues, to mustard, butterscotch and golden sun shades, it's totally possible to achieve a wonderfully warm aura for your decor that you're comfortable with all year round.

This Zen Imperial Yellow wallpaper, from Woodchip & Magnolia, depicting an Oriental flowering shrub is originally hand-painted in two gentle colourways of slate grey and creamy magnolia, Dh370 per roll

Wonder wallpaper If you do choose to go bold with a focal feature wall, wallpaper is a good option as it provides built in patterns and colours to work with layering your decor. Many top interior designers view wallpaper as a game-changer. ( Sidebar:  If you're afraid of the commitment , there are many retailers who offer an excellent range of removable wallpaper designs...we get it, sometimes you just need that escape clause to commit.)

This Poppy Damask wallpaper by Sanderson, inspired by a 17th-century hand-painted Indian chintz, can be a subtle backdrop. The bedspread is Lemon Tree embroidery fabric by Morris & Co.

As yellow touches are guaranteed to brighten up your home, consider some of these easy, summery updates and additions to boost your space and mood.

Clockwise from left: Yellow Woven Pouffe from Maisons Du Monde, Dh300; Yellow Sinatra Suspension light from DelightFULL; Hugo Boss bath towel, Dh200; Basket from Zara Home, Dh119; Colonia hand-crafted Aqua di Parma candle from Bloomingdale’s Home, Dh380; FERMOB moon table lamp from Amara, Dh919; Retro 2-seater sofa by HK Living from Urban Nest, Dh9,000


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