From shades, shapes and textures to creative themes and characters, designing your child’s bedroom offers limitless possibilities. A haven for little ones, their bedroom is an expression of who they are and evolves as they grow. Styling your child's room also offers the opportunity to learn more about your child’s interests and passions.

The specialist designers at 3MOMS answer your questions.

Turkish trio Alara Kocibey, Tuvana Buyukcinar and Emine Kutuk form 3MOMS, a one-of-a-kind interior design outfit focused on creating imaginative nurseries and bedrooms for children.


What are the primary things to consider for a nursery / child’s bedroom décor?
One of our top tips is avoid clutter. Although you want a child’s room to look homely and cosy, too much stuff actually has the opposite effect. Also, it’s good to create a space that grows with your child. We always aim to include furniture that parents keep for years to come. Double-duty furniture is also a good tip, especially when planning to transition a room for an infant into one that is suitable for a child. Think beyond a standard changing
table and get a desk or dresser that can be fitted with a padded changing mat. This way the changing table converts to a ready-made space for a child to colour or do homework in the future.

This dreamy girl’s bedroom by 3MOMS has a magical aesthetic achieved with a light and airy palette of white and blush, coupled with creative room dividers and shelving for added visual interest.

What are the current style trends for children’s bedrooms?
Animals and nature are a big trend and they teach kids to show care and love for living creatures and the environment around them – and, of course, these animals become their best friends. Also, pastel colours are in great demand in 2020. When working with colours you should always take into consideration the effect it has on the child, you don’t want tones that are too dark or too bright. We aim to soften the whole room with the wall colour, even if dark furniture or accent pieces are used such as bright neon lights. It’s all about balance.

Clockwise: Wicker unicorn storage Next Home, Dh160; Donni storage shelf Home Centre, Dh299; Angarna LED table lamp IKEA, Dh85; A Little Lovely Company pineapple mini light, Dh69

Is there a psychology to setting up a child’s space? What does this entail?
Yes indeed! Experts have developed designs with valuable meaning to encourage learning. When it comes to bespoke, commissioned room designs, we always consider a child’s individual character and personality, before creating a space. We ask them questions about their hobbies, favourite cartoons, superheroes, dreams etc.
We also speak to their parents regarding the child’s likes and needs.

What about current sustainability trends?
Sustainable design is a subject we hold dear, so we make sure to deliver long-lasting, durable products that can
be converted and used into the teenage years. When it comes to quality, we use natural materials, which are child-friendly and hypoallergenic. Alongside the design process, 3MOMS collaborates with a non-profit organisation, whereby a tree is planted after completing each project and the certificate is given to the child, to teach kids to think about the planet.

Clockwise: Nesting white and natural play table + chairs Crate&Barrel, Dh1,800; Big Top Tale lampshade Mamas & Papas, Dh199; Done by Deer 3-piece soft storage, Dh135; Sand tiger mini head by Fiona Walker The Bowery Company, Dh185

What about new technologies?
We have incorporated many elements of functional technology into projects, such as touchscreen walls or automatic or voice-control curtains, but generally do not suggest using screens, television and other tech materials in kids’ room designs. Children are already exposed to technology on a daily basis, so their rooms should be a sanctuary that triggers their creativity. A place where they can read and use their imagination. However, if it is a playroom or a study, of course elements of technology will be at the centre of projects.

Watercolour wings Elodie playmat Elli Junior, Dh550; Pink one-drawer dressing table Maisons du Monde, Dh669; Elephant chairs + table Martin and Ella, Dh2,490

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