It might appear that these are two opposing styles of design but, in fact, a modern,  minimal kitchen with pure, functional lines perfectly matches the rustic, country look with its natural and organic elements. The beauty is that you don’t have to live out in the country or give your holiday home a makeover to enjoy this style. A well thought-out rustic kitchen can work well in an urban setting and look elegant and very contemporary. 

Use honest, unpretentious materials 
Much of the “old-fashioned” look is really in the structure - the materials that make up the ceilings, floors and walls. If you’re lucky enough to have vaulted ceilings or one with exposed beams, a lot of the decorating effort has already been done for you. Mosaic floors, or those made from terracotta or weathered wood, are also an excellent match for this decorative style. Walls made from a combination of stone and wood can play a big role in a modern rustic kitchen.

An oversized extractor fan pops in this white rustic kitchen, white zellige tiles and white stone top on the island add a modern feel. The base of the island, wood flooring and artisan rug create an inviting richness.

Untreated or painted reclaimed wood
Reclaimed wood not only ticks the sustainability box, it has such undeniable character. The finish could be natural or raw and untreated, or tinted with coloured woodstain. Pine furniture tinted in mint green or off-white is a big trend. The white rustic kitchen is a safe bet, combining the warmth of the wood with the brightness and functionality of white. And white never goes out of style.

Extractor hoods, stoves and sinks that make a statement
Every self-respecting country-style kitchen should have a concrete or made-to-measure element. We love the XXL concrete extractor hoods, industrial-style gas stoves and large-format stone sinks that resemble water troughs.
In your kitchen, the work area – for preparation, cooking and washing-up – is important. Rustic kitchens bring out the best of the “utilitarian” look, whereby the practical takes precedence – because the charm of a rustic kitchen is in its honesty and lack of pretension. This is very useful in small rustic kitchens, where storage space is limited.


This contemporary kitchen embraces elements of rustic style including the use of open shelving, natural wood accents,  pull-up counter stools  and patterned tile.

Worktops made from or inspired by stone
As we seek out authentic, unfussy elements for a rustic kitchen, the countertop plays an essential role. There are countertops in macael marble, granite or polished cement that create a presence throughout the whole space, continuing to the dining or food preparation table. Heavy, round countertops made from a single piece, that look as though they have been around for generations and could survive an earthquake, are ideal for creating modern rustic kitchens.
A new life for old furniture
When decorating a rustic kitchen, it’s important to incorporate one or two hand-me-downs – whether family heirlooms or pieces you’ve picked up at a market. It’s all about taking furniture from the past and giving it a new lease of life. The most important thing is that they retain their charm, are restored properly and have a story to tell.


Rustic kitchen featuring Cosentino’s ultracompact surface Dekton for countertops (Portum), interior siding (Portum) and flooring (Makai).

Decorating country strong
Love is in the details and decorative objects for your décor. Arrange some wicker chairs around a pine refectory table then place some ceiling lights made from terracotta or porcelain above the table. Maybe a collection of copper pots and pans around that XL extractor? Shell cupboard door handles, cross-shaped taps, and jam jars are popular accents. 

Industrial pairings
Rustic and industrial are a duo that never disappoints. The result is a warm and cosy kitchen but also a modern and practical one. The biggest furniture brands all offer affordable collections to match this trend and it won’t take much to decorate your rustic kitchen with a couple of personal, creative touches. 


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