Designing a colourful living room scheme is a daring design choice. There is a right way and some very wrong ways to do it. Be sure you take the right style steps to create a bold and beautiful living room. Here are some style suggestions and tips to be consider.


Dial up the decadence 
Add a touch of sumptuousness to interiors by working in velvets and mood enhancing hues such as ochre, team with burnished golds and Art Deco style furniture with lighter window accessories to keep the space airy. When working this look add the colour to one focal point in the room either the sofa and throw pillows, or one wall. 

Ochre immediately lifts the tone of a living room. This New Chintz from Sedar definitely sings.


Curated chaos
For all those ‘more is more’ believers... your colour clash dreams are about to come true. This trend is bold, fun and pattern-rich, which means you can let your quirky, creative side run wild. Think reds alongside pinks, oranges punching up against yellows, and blues nestled next to greens. It’s certainly a mood-boosting style and a great look for a living room, where you can impress with your colour confidence. Start with a wall colour, then choose three shades that work well with it, layering clashing prints and patterns. Work in those heirlooms and travel pieces to personalise the scheme.

The New Eclectics collection from John Lewis (sofa, Dh7,600; cushions from Dh120; chair Dh2,375) really packs a punch.


Just a pop 
Take any kind of décor – contemporary, classical, coastal, industrial – and add one colourful statement piece and you’ve got an instant focal point for your living room.

The Arne sofa, designed by Paolo Citterio for B&B Italia, has a curved and enveloping shape, designed to be the main character of the room.


Commitment issues

No one is judging you, commitment is hard! So take it slow. Instead of painting or papering a wall, or investing in a living room set, try a few accent items on for size. A white room is a blank canvas to try new things – a rug, an ottoman, cushions, throws, art and objet – that can communicate a vibrant colour scheme, but can be easily removed if you change your mind. 

The Kiss rug, from the Sonya Winner Studio, is hand tufted in pure New Zealand wool. Her designs use colour cut-out silhouette forms inspired by Matisse’s joyful collage technique


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