I don’t remember being consulted on the décor of my childhood bedroom, in fact, I’m pretty sure the wallpaper with large pink roses was more to my mother’s taste in the 1970s than mine. But what I do know is that the options available then for kids’ rooms were nowhere near what there is today. From colours, shapes and textures to elaborate themes and characters, décor ideas for your child’s bedroom are endless. It is their sanctuary, so as they grow it’s an expression of who they are becoming – and what a great opportunity to get creative with your interiors while learning more about your child’s interests and passions. Here are some tips on know how to construct an interior setting that incorporates a child’s needs and dreams with some playful and sustainable elements that will ensure it’s a much-loved, well-curated corner in your home. 

Stylish storage 
Drawers, open shelving, baskets on shelves, stacks of boxes and multi-purpose storage furniture are just some of the choices you can consider to keep things in order and most importantly off the floor in a child’s room. Coordinating colours, characters and complementing motifs adds to the unique ambience in the room. 

This dreamy nursery by Circu Magical Furniture features animal stools available in bird, elephant or shark. We also love the floating sheep!

Evolving from the baby blue, baby pink and pale yellow options for a nursery from decades past, more modern paint schemes are bold, not just in shade, but shape. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous with the wall colour and then adapt your furnishings and accessories to match the tone and feel. 


Natural habitat
Whether jungle-themed, safari-themed or farm favourites, animals are always a winner for a child’s room. They ignite a child’s imagination, become excellent educational tools and, of course, can’t-live-without companions. 

Simple prints 
Simple pattern wallpaper adds a subtle touch of character to a child’s bedroom without overpowering the scheme. It can also prove to be a very versatile choice when the child grows older and changes other elements of the décor.

JYSK raised bunk bed creates an area for storage or play underneath

Double-duty furniture
When space is at a premium, double-duty furniture can solve so many problems and change the flow of a room. From beds that have secret compartments underneath for storing clothes or toys, to play areas that act as storage when the kids have gone to bed, or even a desk chair that becomes a ladder for bunks – versatility is the key. 


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