While the style of all-white-and-marble-everything in the bathroom can create a spa-like, serene space, don’t underestimate the power that colour has on providing bathroom design bliss. Go bold and stick to one tone for an impact that will really contrast with your white basin or tub and bring up the shine on your metallic mixers and fittings.

A raw wood surface has a natural calming effect


The undeniable warmth wood brings to any interior is true for the bathroom too. The raw surface has a naturally calming effect with the added benefit of muffling acoustic properties, which offers even more privacy. Wooden panelling is also a way of introducing a tactile surface, to avoid the bathroom feeling stark. As a neutral palette, wood works with many shades and allows you to be creative with other ways to add a pop of colour such as an ottoman or some big fluffy towels.

This showstopper tile wall from Glaze Granite & Marble is rich in both colour and reflective pattern, giving more depth to bright white surfaces


Since the days of the ancient Romans, tile has been used for standing-water surfaces,especially tubs and pools. Why not skip the matte tile options and go for a glamorous polished tile instead. Adding gorgeous sparkle, makes it look extra luxe while still being in line with modern design.

A comination of ceramic tile, stone and wood make for a harmonious space


It’s ok to be indecisive! With a range of textures to choose from, you don’t have to force yourself to pick just one. Instead, opt for a combination that has a harmonious effect. Pair penny tiles, slate and wood finished walls for calming contrast. This mix also avoids too many grout lines which can make a small space feel very busy. Darker shades of grey including slate are also popular for creating a cocooning effect.


You’d be forgiven for only assigning pink to country designs and little girls’ bedrooms, but don’t limit yourself. Shades of blush can look very chic in a modern setting. A monochrome black and white base sets off pink to its best advantage. While combining this with a geometric pattern such as trending hexagonal tiles – a vintage look that’s new again – for an understated detail makes the wall pop and provides a subtle contrast to the circlular mirrors.


The prevailing trend of bringing the outdoors in is not limited to adding greenery to your interior spaces. Natural surfaces, such as ceramic and stone tiles, create an organic appeal and add a natural texture that has a visible warmth and earthiness, almost regardless of the shade you choose. The natural elements of tile mosaics work well with everything from rustic to modern design, and the variance in each tile including natural flecks and veins add a tactility to every one-of-a-kind pattern. Play up high ceilings with a backdrop of floor-to-ceiling tiles, adding so much more textural character than paper or paint.

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