While choosing a theme, colour scheme and the perfect crib for your nursery is a good starting point, lighting is a critical element of design and safety when it comes to kids’ bedrooms.

Don’t be harsh

A soft glow makes any room cosy and inviting, but low lighting also prevents over-stimulation and gives young eyes a much-needed rest. Avoid halogens and exposed bulbs. Harsh bright lights can also make babies anxious, and can even be hazardous around curious toddlers. Opt instead for fixtures with a diffused light. Bulbs labelled "soft-white" will be easier on little eyes.

Dim it down

Factored in to a bedtime routine, a dimmer switch can help your child wind down and fall asleep. The calm atmosphere created by dimmed lighting acts as a trigger for your little dreamer, letting his or her body know it’s time to rest. A dimmer also allows you to slip in for a sneak peek without disturbing the little one.

Layered lighting

Soft lighting is lovely, but when you’re dealing with diapers, it helps to see what you’re doing. Instead of relying on a single bright ceiling light, use a variety of lamps and fixtures to brighten the room as needed. Consider three points of light, such as a ceiling fixture, changing table light and reading lamp. By keeping your choices task-focused, you’ll always have light right where you need it.

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Solid and stable

Tall floor lamps placed by a crib or changing table are an accident waiting to happen – especially with little crawlers and toddlers. Keep your task lighting confined to solid table lamps with cords kept safely out of the way.

Heat Alert

Some types of lightbulbs can get dangerously hot, so make sure these fixtures are positioned out of reach. Compact fluorescent (CFL) or LED bulbs are cooler to the touch and more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs.

Controlling the sun

Natural light is a beautiful thing – unless it wakes up your baby! Keeping your nursery dark and cool helps your child sleep longer and can also prevent overheating. From pull-down shades to full black-out curtains, there’s a range of options to regulate the daylight.

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Be bold

A dramatic ceiling fixture can make a big style statement in your nursery. A playful, oversized pendant or a chic chandelier can serve as a fabulous focal point and add to the themed décor.

Use your imagination

It’s not all about safety and sensibility – lighting can be fun too. Get creative with magic glow stickers or twinkling fairy lights. Enhance a theme with wall light sconces, light boards, illuminated animals or fun night lights.

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