Marble and granite are timeless classics when it comes to choice kitchen surfaces. But the hassle of maintenance may make you think twice. Enter engineered surfaces: this versatile, durable and low-maintenance option is fast becoming the new designer favourite not only for its superior properties but also for its looks, as it offers a near perfect replication of marble and other natural stone materials.


Ultra compact Dekton by Cosentino, created from a sophisticated blend of raw materials including glass, quartz and porcelain, is one such engineered surface. Stain, scratch and heat resistant, Dekton puts up with the daily grind of kitchen use, and will keep the space looking brand new even years later. Available in large formats and in a variety of thicknesses, Dekton also gives interior designers the freedom to push their creative boundaries and experiment with waterfall countertops, book matching and many other ideas that require a seamless design.   


Here, we showcase six stunning kitchens with each one featuring hyper-realistic creations from Cosentino’s Dekton Stonika Collection, all inspired from the most coveted natural stone materials. These are great ideas to steal to create your dream kitchen! 


1. Contrasts work

Achieve an authentic marble aesthetic with Dekton’s Olimpo surface

This dark kitchen gets a pop of white elegance with Olimpo – a hue from the Dekton Stonika collection inspired from Carrara marble.


2. Island idyll

Dekton Bergen creates a central island and matching counters in realistic stone

Islands can be stand out elements in kitchen design. Case in point is this waterfall island clad in Dekton Bergen, a recreation of Portobello natural stone. 


3. Add old-world warmth

Agra infuses this kitchen with the warm quartzite tones found at the Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal quartzite will add warmth to your kitchen. This Dekton recreation of Taj Mahal quartzite, called Arga, gently brightens up this modern, open kitchen.  


4. Perfect pairings 

The creamy colours of Dekton Taga on the island and counters contrast nicely with the exposed brickwork

If you think that exposed brickwork and contemporary kitchens don’t go together, think again! Nude brick walls and the Taga countertop from the Dekton Stonika collection pair up wonderfully to create a cosy, inviting ambiance in this kitchen.


5. Workplace, kitchen, or both?

Dekton Sogne replicates Gris Pulpis natural stone with a gorgeous finish on this island and matching counters

Kitchens are moving away from their traditional function and evolving to embrace the changing lifestyles of their owners. Embodying the distinctive, weathered beauty of Gris Pulpis natural stone, this Dekton Sogne countertop design subtly blends in with the aesthetics of this chic cooking space. 


6. Textured appeal 

Create an industrial look with the tactile surface of Dekton Korso

Grey kitchens can be made even more interesting by adding texture to the colour palette. Dekton Korso — a colour that blends the looks of Gris Pulpis and aged concrete — is used effectively to add to the visual appeal of this industrial, minimalistic kitchen. 


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About Cosentino

Cosentino Group is a global family-owned company that produces and distributes high value innovative surfaces for the architecture and design industry. Its versatile and technologically advanced quartz surface Silestone and ultracompact Dekton allow for multi-applications from flooring to wall sidings, kitchen countertops and even furniture. The group’s Middle East operations hub is the Cosentino City Dubai showroom in Dubai Design District (d3), catering to the needs of customers across the region.


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