Miriam Llano, Marketing Manager for Cosentino Middle East, shares her top tips on factors to consider when selecting flooring for your home:


1. Play with light, and use lighter hues to create a sense of space or, if your room is large and you have enough natural light, couple that with darker shades to fill the space with elegance.

Light and dark shades can add drama to a space; this kitchen features contemporary Keon flooring from Dekton by Cosentino

2. Your choice of flooring material will be a personal one. Make sure you think about things such as whether you like your floor to be warm or cold to the touch. My personal advice is to go with a material that you can walk barefoot on in comfort.

This living room gets the industrial luxe look with Nilium flooring from the Dekton by Cosentino’s Industrial Collection

3. The floors of a house take the brunt of everyday activities and are usually the first to reflect wear and tear, so it is worth every dirham to invest in flooring that will keep pace with your daily life. Choose a material that is both durable and easy to maintain, particularly if you have a family with little ones. 

The luxury Ibizan villa of UAE-based Spanish entrepreneur Manuel Ayas, with Sirocco from Dekton by Cosentino used for the terrace floor, and Sirocco anti-slip for the infinity pool

4. Choose flooring best suited for the space and purpose. For instance, flooring in bathrooms will have special challenges presented by humidity and hygiene requirements. In this case, opt for hygienic surfaces with low levels of porosity, are stain repellent, anti-slip and have a minimal number of joins.

The contemporary residential project features the smooth surface of Blanco Maple flooring on the landing, from Silestone by Cosentino

5. Making the right choice is about striking a balance between functionality, trends and cost. Don’t compromise one for the sake of another. 

The dining room below the mezzanine also features Blanco Maple from Silestone by Cosentino for consistency throughout the home


About Cosentino Cosentino Group is a global family-owned company that produces and distributes high value innovative surfaces for the architecture and design industry. Its versatile and technologically advanced quartz surface Silestone, and ultracompact Dekton surface, allow for multiple applications, from flooring to wall sidings, kitchen countertops and even furniture. The group’s Middle East operations hub is the Cosentino City Dubai showroom in Dubai Design District (d3), catering to the needs of customers across the region.

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