The brief: 

A guest room which needed a quick, inexpensive yet comfortable and welcoming revamp, with additional storage where possible.

The budget: 

For a room this size, and using economical options, expect to spend Dh8K to Dh15K.

The makeover: 

We opted for a green palette with a distinct Nordic/boho vibe, achieved through white furniture with wood and rattan accents, which pop nicely against the olive green wall. A coir natural woven rug along with fluffy soft sheepskins add a certain level of cosiness while being in keeping with the overall toned-down, relaxed and natural feel of the space.

Key buys: 

The bed, natural wood bedside tables, lamps, occasional chair, rug and dresser are all from IKEA. We downloaded a print from Etsy and had it custom-framed in a natural ash wood. Many decorative accessories come from JYSK, which has an amazing range of affordable items.


To add storage, we purchased a bed base from IKEA which has pull-out drawers for bedding and blankets. We added a customised headboard to the base to upgrade it and give the bed a more high-end feel. The grey linen-look fabric with studded detail helps elevate the look without the added price tag! We also added wooden drawer pulls from Zara Home to the IKEA dresser/desk and bedside tables ‒ an inexpensive hack that successfully transformed the pieces.


Lilly’s bedroom makeover tips

Start by... deciding what the accent colour in the room will be and add some neutrals to tone down the theme so it’s not too “matchy-matchy”.


When decorating a bedroom... (or any room), decide where your money is best spent. Shop wisely, go for neutral colours on the big pieces and remember that cushions, throws and décor accents can be easy and low-cost ways to update a space later on.


Mixing styles is... entirely acceptable! Whilst both of these headboards featured have a classic feel, the surrounding furniture is chic mid-century modern in one, and natural, Nordic/boho in the other.


Budget needn’t mean boring... Simple hacks like changing drawer knobs will allow you to make the piece unique and steers the design away from a “cookie- cutter” look.


When custom-making a headboard... use a neutral colour as this offers you the flexibility to change the surrounding scheme later.


Keep it simple... Colour on the wall adds warmth and sets the tone for everything around it. Using minimal, affordable furniture from IKEA meant that we could keep things well within budget and make them unique with easy hacks.

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