Off the wall

If you have the space and a tropically landscaped garden, an open-walled extension, pool house or garden room is the perfect place from which to enjoy a lush vista. Invoking tropical island paradise, a thatched pitched roof with exposed wooden rafters can recreate a luxury Thai or Indonesian-style retreat in your own garden, while earthy tones and untreated wood draw upon the natural elements found outside. Seen above, the teal partition wall mimics an interior living room feel and allows the display cabinet to be present without looking out of place; try this for TVs and decorative accents like mirrors and artwork.


Inside-outside appeal 

Create a stylish garden room with a bamboo pergola and interior-style furnishings. Image: living4media

Easily erected next to exterior or side doors that lead to the garden or patio, the relatively simple structure of a pergola offers shade for al fresco living areas as well as a seamless transition between indoors and out. While bamboo is having its moment in the home trend limelight, this hardy plant has long been an essential material for Asian-style landscaped accents and overhead cover. Even with linen sheers or a bamboo roof, it’s still wise to go for sofas and chairs made specifically for outdoor use, so look for rustproof aluminium and a synthetic wicker-style braid, which can’t be bleached by the dappled sunlight. Create an interior living room feel with the floor area laid with patterned tiles producing a “rug”, large candle lanterns hung overhead in the style of pendants, strings of solar lights, and a trio of accent tables for your chairs to gather around sociably. Top with accents that can be moved from inside to out, like cushions, throws, vases and serving trays that fit the scheme.


Out the window 

A large crittal-style window is a stylish way to open up your home. Image: Knoll

Taking crittal to next-level cool, this floor-to-ceiling “window”, seen above, retracts garage-door-style towards the sky, instantly transforming the living room with a wide open portal outside. In summer, you’ll have a botanical outlook with natural light flooding in, while in winter you can move around from indoors to out with agile fluidity. Originating in England in the late 1800s, such steel-framed glazing remains highly contemporary, with its sharp grid-like framework appealing to fans of the ever-popular industrial look. Crittal is becoming a sought-after feature in the region’s exterior and interior architecture designs, opening up homes to stunning views, or cleverly zoning interiors and allowing light to flow. Even apartment owners can utilise this idea with a crittal “window wall”, pulling in panoramic views. Complement the strong, black framework of crittal with equally contemporary furniture, from mid-century retro to Scandinavian minimalist.

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