Are you a colour-lover adrift on an ocean of white? Or are you stuck for simple and affordable ways to add a stylish shade to your house? While renters may not have the option to paint their home a new, fresh colour, there are other ways to add a pop without worrying about making changes that may have to be reversed if you move. Introducing a vibrant splash to rooms can be easy, low-risk, and effective with the right idea — be inspired by our roundup:


Fashionable art

A wall of mismatched yet complementing artwork from Drawdeck creates a funky feature wall

An oversized piece instantly brightens a room. Affordable art can be purchased easily in the UAE – check out sites like IKEA, Drawdeck or Imfy for ideas and inspiration. Alternatively, if you own a brightly coloured silk scarf that you love yet no longer wear, why not iron it, frame it and hang it on the wall to make a simple yet stunning display in your home. Try framing a series of three or four square-shaped scarves in black frames along a corridor or landing to add character, and go for patterns with a Versace or Hermes style for timeless yet statement appeal.

Time for tiles

Colourful splashback tiles add colour to a kitchen; here the majolica tiles match the flooring for added Portuguese flair

Fancy adding some colour to your kitchen? Try making the backsplash an accent wall; tiling the entire wall can have a fabulous impact and transform the space without needing to change units, floors and other expensive kitchen fixtures to create a new-look room.  


Trending trays

Styling a tray with decorative objet creates a chic accent on your tabletops

Liven up a coffee or dinning table with a large tray in the centre and dress it seasonally, monthly or weekly with objet, candles and plants from around the house. For best results, pick a tray that contrasts well with the material on the table and group complementing items of varying heights in a cluster of three or five for the most effective and stylishly curated display.


On the shelf

Open shelves of varying heights draws the eye while providing plenty of space for displaying treasured trinkets, curated into a feature wall

Doubling up on your shelves is a great option for anyone looking for more storage solutions; arrange a duo or trio horizontally over each other or place them asymmetrically for added appeal. Such shelves not only add a feature to a wall but they also allow you to maximize on space. While they're a great way to display a book collection or trinkets from travels around the world, contemporary styling encourages a more thoughtful and minimalistic look. Instead of hanging pictures on walls, loosely place them on narrow shelves or layer artwork over each other if the shelf depth allows, for an art studio feel.


Ground work

Pick out a colour from your rug and choose accessories in the same shade to pull the room together

Adding colour to certain spaces can be tricky but an eye-catching rug is the perfect quick fix if you prefer to have a more neutral palette elsewhere on the walls and furnishings. Pick out a key colour in the rug and match with small accessories in the same shade to aid a sense of cohesion in the space. In a living room, add matching-hued cushions, floor pillows, vases and photo frames, etc, and even dining and kitchen accessories if you have an open-plan space; while in a bedroom a throw and decorative cushions will do the trick. Step it up a level with curtains with a matching border, however, be aware that this limits the flexibility you have if you want to change the accent colour scheme later on.



Placing a large mirror opposite a window not only makes the room appear larger but also enhances the natural light

Want to give the illusion of heightened space? Large mirrors do the trick every time, especially in a small apartment, whether you prop a framed mirror on the floor or apply a mirrored surface to a wall. This trick works best if the mirror is placed opposite a natural light source, as the reflection will bounce the natural light around the room creating a lighter space as well as reflect the wider outside space beyond the windows.

This interior décor advice is courtesy of Dubai-based Airbnb design and styling company Frank Porter Design

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