Celebrating the artisanal know-how and culture of Native American tribes, the Najavo trend features bold, hand-painted motifs, geometric patterns and atmospheric colours inspired by the earth, the desert sky – by day and starlight – and cacti hues. The majestic headdresses of tribal chiefs, with bright feathers and jewellery representing traits like courage, honour, pride and creative force, is significantly emblematic. For an edgy style look for rattlesnake-diamond patterns, spikey chevrons, arid ochre tones, and simplistic line drawings of people and animals.

Colour therapy

As we live in an age of intense consumption, we require our homes – our sanctuaries – to encourage us to stop and take a breath. Applying certain colours can help create this element of “mindfulness” at home, especially the soft, warm colours of apricot, rose-beige and dusky pink plus the cool, refreshing shades of early morning blue and mint. A hangover from 2016 – remember Pantone’s Rose Quartz and Serenity, twin colours of the year – and the millennial pink craze, this palette is a calmer, more mature version designed to provide relief.  

Look to Marco Polo at Sedar Global for wallpaper and fabrics in fashionable colourways like mint green, rose-beige and serene earthy tones.

On the fringe

Fringing found fame in the 1970s and once again it’s the trim that’s in. Since 2017 we’ve seen costume jewellery fringed with fun tassels swinging from earrings and necklaces. It’s yet to become mainstream in home fashion, but we’re starting to see flirty fringes and tassels on decorative accessories like cushions and swishing happily from lamp shades and mirrors.

Add tasteful tassels to your home with this Art-Deco-style Nappa lamp from Oliver Bonas; aptly named, as nappa means tassel in Italian.

Country glamour

As countries of cooler climes embrace dark berry tones, furs and chunky knits as autumn changes to winter, the shift in the Middle East is somewhat less dramatic, but we can still adopt a warmer, cosier interior scheme. Evoke a country farmhouse feel with exposed brickwork (or a ceramic-effect equivalent), rustic woods in honey tones, and animal-hide rugs. Considering our coastal location and ambient weather, keep it fresh and light by mixing in the classic elegance of Hamptons-style furniture with a neutral palette of light linen and timber, and furniture with classic silhouettes.

Left: Sanderson’s Alnwyn Logs wallpaper will create a pastoral – yet  abstract – feature wall, which will work well in an urban home. Right: Find country-chic inspiration at Interiors, including furniture made from rustic, untreated wood and covered in natural linen.

Crittal style

The slim, angular, grid-like look of a crittal-style doorway, screen or windowpane has an edgy, architected, fuss-free feel, which resonates strongly with the industrial trend, still popular in the Middle East’s commercial and residential design scene. Crittal-style partitions and screens can transform an open-plan space, allowing you to cleverly zone areas without compromising on light and space. The striking, minimalist look of crittal-style framework is highly contemporary and can work well with other design styles, such as Scandinavian and mid-century modern, and the shadows they cast in a light-filled space add extra depth and atmosphere. 

Note how the square pattern of this bedding set from H&M Home complements the grid-like framework of the crittal windows.This interior partition is a smart way to zone a space without confining its proportions or cutting off a natural light source.

Terrazzo revival

We welcome another ‘70s comeback, the speckled aesthetic of terrazzo, remastered as a decorative pattern that goes beyond floor coverings. Wallpapers, fabrics, rugs and items like crockery and vases can be found sporting a terrazzo print, in bold, clashing colours, unusual monochrome compositions or with pretty, neutral flecks. Terrazzo originated in Italy over 500 years ago as a composite material made by mixing marble chippings with cement. In the 1970s terrazzo found fame as a popular material for flooring and now it’s experiencing a revival as we continue to seek sustainable production methods – just as they did in Italy all those centuries ago. These days terrazzo can also be made from glass and metal fragments as well as marble chips, providing an endless, versatile combination of colours.

The graphic print of this wallpaper from ferm LIVING perfectly reflects the classic aesthetic of terrazzo.

Modern Ibiza

Inject sun-kissed Ibiza flare into your interiors scheme with folksy prints, pom-pom trims and natural materials. Use a neutral backdrop of crisp white and pale sandy tones to highlight accents in a summery palette of soft blues, pinks, tan and rose-beige, which is tipped to be a prevalent colour in 2019. Channel your inner boho with the summer’s popular micro-trend macramé, with wall hangings and doorway curtains, accessorise with seagrass belly baskets, and don’t forget bamboo and rattan furniture – a rattan swing seat is a must.

The Boho Daze collection from White Moss will get you started with a cool, comfortable beach-chic look. The boutique’s Sierra cushions, inspired by the mountain ranges in America’s Far West, also carries a hint of Navajo.

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