Clean lines equals efficiency

An open-closet concept makes getting dressed quick and easy. Customised floor-to-ceiling storage utilises every inch of space and offers a solution for storing footwear, clothes and accessories, and whatever else you like.

Valet rods

Valet rods are like a helping hand to hold dry cleaning, stage an outfit, or assist with sorting your wardrobe. Until you have one, you'll never know how much you'll use a valet rod.

Shelves with dividers

Pull-out shelves with dividers are perfect for folded casual clothes like jeans and T-shirts. The dividers keep the stacks neat and you can quickly see what you have.

Tiered hanging rods

Group similar items together and double the hanging space in any closet with tiered clothes rods. Long skirts or dresses can hang freely, with shirts and blouses taking up just the right amount of space. Specialty trouser racks keep garments wrinkle-free.

Custom shoe racks

Slanted shoe racks with front rails keep your shoes in plain sight. Rails protect your fancy heels, ensuring they don't end up on the closet floor. At a glance you'll know if you need new shoes for an event.

Hanging ties and belts

Custom hangers for ties, scarves and belts keep these accessories available, wrinkle-free and untangled. With front-and-centre storage, there's no more stuffing ties in drawers or misplacing belts hung with trousers.

Velvet-lined jewellery drawers

Custom compartments will protect all your valuables, from jewellery to watches to sunglasses. Individual drawers hold earrings, bracelets and necklaces, so they don't jumble together getting scratched or tangled.

Ahmed Sami is the Director of Sales at Creative Closets

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