Making space

When looking to create storage space it's imperative to do so without impeding the room's most important functions. For example, while open-concept kitchens are particularly popular, they often have a lack of cabinetry, so including features such as larger islands and countertops with storage space or shelving will compensate for this. Moveable trolleys or islands allow for extra serving or workspace as required.

IKEA is a market leader when it comes to storage solutions, here they demonstrate that curtains or wall hangings are a clever way to mask messy or cluttered storage spaces.

Within living areas, sofas, ottomans or stools with concealed storage come in handy for stowing away throws and cushions, similarly beds with built-in drawers provide a place for anything from spare bedding to suitcases.

Pairing function and style, a bench seat with built-in storage in an entryway provides a place to tidy away shoes as well as a space to sit down and put them on.

Get in the zone

A well-placed piece of furniture can help to divide the different functions of an open living space into sections. Using a sleek shelving unit as a sectional piece of furniture provides an opportunity to zone off parts of a room as well as creating extra storage space for books, magazines and DVDs. Likewise, sideboards or antique-style hutches can effectively separate a dining area from a living area.

A narrow shelving unit works to section off the living area from the rest of the room without taking up too much space.

Think vertically

Pottery Barn demonstrates how framing an artwork within a shelving unit lends a pop of colour, while a combination of baskets and open shelves offer both storage and collectible displays.

When considering storage options within a room it's important to think vertically to ensure that all available space from floor to ceiling is capitalised on. Adding cupboards to spaces under stairs or above vanities and wardrobes can significantly increase the amount of storage space in a room while sliding racks make hard-to-reach corner cupboards or cabinets more accessible.

Installing a small storage room or shelving unit under a staircase takes advantage of an otherwise overlooked area and can house anything from sporting equipment to books and board games.Maximising your space with floor-to-ceiling storage can be executed with great style with customised units like this one by Creative Closets.


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