Want to shake things up, but don’t want to invest the time and money in a complete interior makeover? Redecorating doesn’t have to mean major changes. Sometimes a little refresh can breathe new life into an existing scheme, as these style updates showcase.

1. Frame Game

Try some creative new configurations to display photographs that not only draw more attention to the images but also the overall aesthetic of the arrangement. You can also rethink the colour element – for example, reprinting photographs in black and white and grouping them together in identical frames, or selecting a uniform frame colour like gold, but in a variety of shapes to create an overall impact.

2. Reflecting change

When it comes to mirrors, the bigger the better. Mirrors are especially effective when placed opposite a window to augment the natural light and sense of space. You can also try hanging two or three with complementary frames and geometric shapes for even greater impact, as 2XL Furniture & Home Decor (pictured) demonstrates here, where the reflections also highlight the statement chandelier.

3. Make it personal

Dubai-based interior design outfit C’est ici run on the mantra ‘your home should be a reflection of who you are and a collection of what you love.’ They styled this home in Jumeirah, bringing the owner’s collection of treasures from Bali and beyond to life.

Old postcards, travel tickets, travel treasures and other personal memorabilia are a fun way to make a space uniquely yours and offer great conversation starters with guests.  Displayed on a wall or placed beneath a glass-topped table, these special items can add great character to your scheme.

4. Fresh Focus

Creating a new centrepiece – for a dining table, console table or shelving unit – stretches your artistic muscles and reinvigorates a scheme that may just need a new focal point. Pick a colour or theme and use seasonal pieces, florals, ceramics or objets, to create an entirely new arrangement. You’ll be surprised how it can highlight other elements of the décor.

5. Shelf Life

It’s surprising how rearranging items on a shelf can completely change the look of a space. Books alone can have so many configurations – both horizontally stacked and vertically, arranged by size or jacket colour, dispersed around frames, treasures and objet. Curate the shelves to showcase a range of ornaments for added appeal. You can even store items on the shelf within baskets or boxes that complement other patterns, fabrics or textures in the room.

6. Move it, move it

You don’t always need new things, sometimes you just need a new perspective. Find different locations for favourite items and see how they re-energise the space – and make you appreciate them more in their new surroundings. From artwork to armoires, it’s easy to stop noticing even your most beloved pieces if they remain in the same place for too long. And don’t confine pieces to the same room: see how a console table from the hallway might complement your bedroom scheme or create a new flow or focal point in the living room.

7. Material world

From slipcovers for armchairs to updated cushion covers to completely reupholstering your sofa set or headboard – recovering items in a fresh fabric is like paint for your soft furnishings. They’ll get a completely new lease of life. Invest in different seat pads for dining chairs, or give a kitchen table a revamp with a bright, new tablecloth.

8. Pick your palette

Nothing updates a space more dramatically than colour. A fresh coat can breathe new life into a space. You can opt to paint one wall in a bold shade or get creative with painterly effects such as stripes or borders to add character to a room. And it’s not just the walls that benefit from a lick of paint. Transform a cabinet, bookshelf, table or chair with rich, glossy shades for a new look. For a striking effect, use bright colours.

9. Bright idea

Lighting can be an underestimated element of your scheme. You have a few options to play with, such as changing the lamp shade – a new shape might offer a different accent to the furnishings and a fresh pattern or colour can instantly switch the mood, bathing the room in a new-hued glow. You can also change the wattage of bulbs to brighten previously darker corners, and conversely lower the lighting for a more subdued ambience.

10. Going to new heights

Painting or even wallpapering the ceiling draws the eye upwards, especially effective if you want to bring attention to a show-stopping light or some interesting architectural detail. To be more subtle but improve on the standard white-painted ceiling, choose a shade just one hue lighter than the wall colour. Or go bold and really make a statement - the sky’s the limit!

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