Jewel-bright shades of topaz, amethyst, sapphire, emerald and ruby bring dazzling vibrancy to a scheme. Here’s how to make it work brilliantly…

Be brave.To make this scheme a success, be bold and carry it right through from walls and soft furnishings to accessories. Choose rich deep colours on the walls to provide a backdrop to show off the opulent tones in curtains, upholstery and cushions.

Go for texture. Beautiful jewel colours look especially beautiful on fabrics such as silks, chenilles and velvets. A modern twist is to choose two differently textured fabrics for either side of cushions.

Add metallic accessories. With such a dark and dramatic scheme, it’s a good idea to introduce lots of metallic and glass through lighting and accessories to lift the look and allow light to bounce around the space.


Images By: Supplied