Bring these dazzling designs to life:

Set the scene 
Far more than a backdrop, these looks command attention: their complexity and finishes are real talking points. Ensure they take centre stage by keeping furniture and decorative pieces pared back, and complement the sheen of fabrics and wallcoverings with metallic and glass additions.

Let there be light 
While the effect in daylight is undoubtedly elegant, it’s after dark that these designs truly come to dramatic life with well-placed lighting to illuminate the gleaming materials and shimmering finishes, making them especially suited to rooms used in the evening, or for entertaining.

Layer on layer 
If the same tones are used in a scheme, ensure different materials are used in fabrics and coverings – from glossy silks and plush velvets, to raised-cut patterning and textured finishes – to keep the overall look interesting and sophisticated.

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