The Piece 
The Prism vase is part of a series of accessories designed for the Atelier Swarovski Home Collection. Constructed from crystal and marble prisms bonded together using Swarovski’s signature UV adhesives and colour coatings, the combination of rich jewel tones and precision-cut angles produces fascinating optical illusions and effects as the viewer moves around the brightly hued vase.

The Background Spanish designer Tomás Alonso creates furniture, lighting and interior accessories from his studio in London. Tomás has won numerous global design awards and his work has been exhibited in Italy, France, Spain, Japan, Canada and the United States. Tomás’s exploration of the spectrum of colours reflected and refracted by crystal was the inspiration behind his Prism series, which consists of a variety of bowls, trays and vases

The Details 
The Prism vase measures 10cm by 20.5cm and is available for Dh14,300 from the Swarovski online Atelier Swarovski store.