Soft charcoals, chalky whites, gentle greys and silvers have a calm elegance that is always in vogue.

How to introduce a monochrome palette into your home:

Take it in tones - Introducing plenty of tonal differences is key: study a colour family of greys, on a paint chart for instance, and you’ll see how broad these variations are, moving from deep charcoal to a pale silver or even ‘greige’, which subtly marries grey with taupe.

Work on the layers - Once you’ve decided on an overall palette, introduce a variety of patterns and textures in different scales and finishes. These layers provide depth and prevent a scheme from looking flat.

Add contrast - A soft monochrome scheme succeeds in its own right, but can act as a foil against brighter shots of colour or materials that can be changed as and when you choose. Try cushions or throws in clean fresh colours for instance, and introduce shining metallic and glass accessories to bounce the light.

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