Here’s how to combine the structure of a landscape garden design with the abundance of flower and bird patterns…

Keep it light These intricate patterns are real showstoppers so pare back the rest of the space with bare wood or tiled floors, pale furniture and white woodwork. Combine busy fabric patterns with plain toning textiles to provide a little balance and rest the eye.

Choose simple styling With such beautiful but bold designs taking the lead, it’s important to avoid overcrowding with fussy details. Stick to one or two cushions with a single motif, and group objects together in threes – a classic interior designer trick – for a striking display.

Enhance the theme Finishing touches, objets, or arrangements that mirror the wallpaper or fabric pattern can look incredibly effective, provided some restraint is exercised: faux topiary displayed against a trellis paper, a vase of faux or fresh blooms against a floral background, a pretty wired birdcage set in front of soaring bird illustrations, all look effective and considered.