There's a chill in air and now is the ideal time to transform your space into a homey haven perfect for duvet days, all with the choice deployment of three key, trending textures.

Here's how to embrace a soft spot for cosy accessories:

Animal magic Fluffy faux furs and animal hides create a comfy autumnal palette that’s perfect for a winter spent in the sun. Look out for sheepskin-inspired pieces, such as downy cushions and furry stool seats.

Chunky knits This tactile trend is all about texture and distinct interlacing threads, from herringbone patterns moulded into glassware and ceramics, to soft wool braids and course weaves made from pliable natural materials like rattan or bamboo.

Black velvet Sofas and chairs upholstered in a feathery-soft, lustrous material like velvet, and in rich shades of charcoal and ebony, add a contemporary touch of decadence.

Rough patch The key to implementing these trends is to juxtapose the softer fabrics with a contrasting material so the look isn’t too feminine or flouncy. Wood in any finish works well, whether it’s untreated or varnished.

Stitch style Materials and objects showing distinct weaves, whether seen as a pattern or within the fabric, have a sensory effect, inviting touch.