The piece:

Bloom v7.3 is part of a limited-edition series of art prints that depict lilies, tulips and dahlias that have been photographed in the wild, then reassembled and layered by computer. The vibrant colour of the petals contrast strongly against the dramatic dark background, resulting in a mesmerising piece of artwork.

The background:

René Twigge is a South African artist based in Australia who specialises in digital art. René takes inspiration from ‘the forms, textures and colours of plants during various stages of growth and deterioration as well as the visual and light effects created digitally for animated and 3D movies.’

The details:

Bloom v7.3 is one of 150 limited-edition prints. It can be bought as a photographic print or mounted under acrylic glass, and comes in two sizes: 80cm by 80cm, and 120cm by 120cm. It is available from Lumas Gallery in The Dubai Mall and City Walk, with prices starting at Dh2,539.