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This Arabian Ranches family villa is both practical and stylish

Be inspired by this Arabian Ranches villa, refreshed and updated with sensitivity and style

Sharon Parsons
Added 10:00 | September 14, 2016
  • The walls are painted in Jotun’s Jazz White, while fine drapes and blinds further diffuse the light.

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  • This dining area is dominated by an Arabic artwork by Racha Al Abbas that makes a great focal point and hides the redundant door to the adjoining kitchen.

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  • This traditional console table is given a lift with a fabulous lion portrait and well-chosen accessories.

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  • The practical sofa bed is from Ikea, the cushions are from H&M and the unusual coffee table was found at Homes R Us.

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  • The master bedroom has a sophisticated hotel-luxe style with furnishings and linen from THE One Fusion and a rug from Carpet Centre.

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Nisrine Lababidi of Harf Noon Design Studio was the woman behind the stylish but practical interiors in this family villa in Arabian Ranches.

Sharon Parsons

Sharon Parsons