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InsideOut Home of the Year 2015: six of the best!

InsideOut’s Home of the Year 2015 event, in association with Marina Home Interiors, proved once again that this region is brimming with stunning abodes

By Sharon Parsons
Added 00:00 | October 15, 2015
  • Our judges and members of the InsideOut team prepare to enjoy a working lunch at the elegant Tre by Roberto Rella at the Radisson Royal, Dubai.

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  • The judges: Khurshid Vakil, Sharon Parsons, Tory Waller (seated), Ellen Bishop and Rue Kothari.

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This year’s quest to find the UAE’s most stylish homes didn’t disappoint! Entries poured in, and once again we were impressed by the creativity, originality and flair employed by our talented readers to realise beautiful and personal homes.

Choosing just six entries to go through to our final was far from easy – as was deciding on an overall winner. Over a fabulous lunch at Tre by Roberto Rella at the Radisson Royal, our judging panel pored over the professionally taken photographs of every home, discussed and debated the merits of each – and then all voted in a secret ballot…

Once the envelopes were opened and the scores counted up, it immediately became clear that while all six homes rated highly, one undoubtedly came out tops. ‘Bernard Creed’s apartment really impressed with its individuality and wealth of smart ideas,’ explains InsideOut editor Sharon Parsons. 
‘His confident vision, combined with a passion for collecting pieces from near and far and the ability to pull it all together really comes through. This is no cookie-cutter home: Bernard’s place has real personality and heart.’

Catch a glimpse of the six shortlisted homes – all of which will be featured in the coming issues – then explore Bernard Creed’s winning apartment. And next month, see what happened when all was revealed at our fabulous Home of the Year party, held just before this very issue went on sale!

By Sharon Parsons

By Sharon Parsons